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Safety Policy

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I. Purpose

This policy was developed to ensure that all College vehicles are operated in a safe manner. In addition, the policy will inform vehicle operators of the driving requirements associated with operating a College vehicle.

II. Scope

This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students and independent contractors who operator a College owned, leased, rented, or personal vehicle while on college business.

III. Policy

  1. College/leased/rented/personal vehicles may only be used for College business unless the vehicle has been assigned to an employee on a full-time basis. If an employee has been assigned a vehicle on a full-time basis, personal miles will be a taxable benefit.
  2. Before a vehicle is released to any operator, the operator must be cleared to drive by our insurance carrier. Completion of a vehicle operator’s questionnaire (also available in Student Affairs), presentation of a valid driver’s license and a safe driving record, (see Section III.C.) are required to be an approved driver. After completion of the vehicle operator’s questionnaire, Washington College will request a copy of the individual’s motor vehicle record which will remain on file in the Transportation Office in Student Affairs. Motor vehicle records will be checked annually.
  3. Drivers with any moving violations relating to a DUI or DWI conviction, an at-fault accident involving a fatality, or three or more violations on their current three-year motor vehicle record shall not be permitted to operate a College/leased/rented/personal vehicle. Drivers with one or two moving violations on their record may only operate College/leased/rented/personal vehicles if approved by the College’s insurance broker. Such approval is based on the nature of the moving violations, the longer term driving record of the individual, the expected assignment as a College driver, and other factors deemed pertinent by the broker.
  4. An employee who routinely operates a College/leased/rented/personal vehicle in the course of his/her job duties must advise his/her supervisor immediately of any license suspension or revocation or failure to meet the standards outlined in Section III.C.
  5. Any employee whose employment at the College depends on the ability to operate a vehicle should understand that maintaining a safe driving record is a condition of continued employment. The College reserves the right to terminate an employee whose job requires the operation of a College/leased/rented/personal vehicle should that employee not meet the standards outlined in Section III.C. or has his/her license suspended or revoked.
  6. Drivers may not operate a College/leased/rented/personal vehicle after the use of any substance which may interfere with their ability to operate a vehicle in a safe manner. This includes, but is not limited to; alcohol, prescription medications, over-the-counter medications and controlled dangerous substances.
  7. Drivers of College/leased/rented/personal vehicles are fully responsible for the security and operation of the vehicle until it is returned to the campus and checked in. The driver may not delegate this responsibility to any other person. Picking up hitchhikers, friends, and family members, not engaged in college business, are also not permitted. Drivers should lock the vehicle at all times when parked on campus or away. Drivers of College/leased/rented/personal vehicles are responsible for all violations and fines incurred during their time of possession. This includes fees for towing, resulting from violations; storage; or other related costs.
  8. All students, faculty, and staff of Washington College must wear seatbelts when operating a College/leased/rented/personal vehicle or any vehicle on our premises or while on school business. All occupants also are to wear seat belts when riding in a College/leased/rented/personal vehicle.
  9. Drivers must have two years of driving experience before they can be considered for the approved drivers list.
  10. Drivers must refrain from using cell phones, including texting, while operating a College/leased/rented/personal vehicle. Additionally, no one driver may drive for more than eight hours out of any 24-hour period. Student drivers may not drive longer that two continuous hours.