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Becoming a Registered Campus Driver

Interested in registering to drive campus vehicles?  Here’s all the information you’ll need to know…

Who is eligible to become a registered driver?

Faculty, staff, and students who have at least two years of driving experience are all eligible to become registered campus drivers.  Registered faculty and staff may drive campus vans and buses.  Registered students may drive campus vans.

Please review our Safety Policy for complete information on the rights and responsibilities of registered campus drivers.


How do I become a registered driver?

To apply to become a registered driver, please submit a copy of your Driver’s License, a Certificate of Completion, and a completed Vehicle Operator’s Form to Sarah Crump, the Transportation Secretary.  To complete this process you can:

               Visit the Buildings and Grounds Office to make a copy of your license and complete a copy of the Vehicle Operator’s Form.


               Send the license copy and completed Vehicle Operator’s Form to Sarah Crump through campus mail or email.


Once your paperwork is received, your driving history will be reviewed, and you will be approved or denied as a campus driver.  For more information on the review process, please see our Safety Policy.


Questions?  Please contact Sarah Crump at scrump2@washcoll.edu or 410-778-7838.