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Office of Student Financial Aid

Washington College recognizes and rewards exemplary academic achievement. More than 50% of all Washington College students qualify for a merit-based tuition scholarship at the time of their admission to the College. On average, these tuition scholarships range in amount from $18,000- $30,000 per year.

In most cases, eligibility for a merit-based tuition scholarship is determined by high school GPA and SAT-I or ACT scores.

To be a contender for merit-based tuition awards we recommend the following:

  1. Pursue a challenging course schedule. We assign weighted values to AP, IB, Honors and Advanced courses. Without exception, the students who receive our largest scholarships have taken the toughest classes. Be realistic with your selections but avoid the path of least resistance!
  2. Seek letters of recommendation from those teachers who can attest to your best efforts and success. Let them help tell your story!
  3. Be sure to schedule an admissions interview/campus visit. Do not pass up the opportunity to meet and inform the individual who will be reviewing your credentials!

Merit-based tuition scholarships and tuition grants are awarded by the Washington College Scholarship Committee to full-time accepted undergraduate applicants without regard to financial need. In all cases, it is advantageous to complete the requirements for admission in advance of the February 15 application deadline. Unless otherwise noted, annual renewal requires full-time enrollment and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5. For additional information about the academic tuition scholarship and tuition grant opportunities, contact the Admissions Office.

Merit-based tuition scholarships are fixed in amount and awarded at the time of admission. Students who are not offered a merit-based tuition scholarship at the time of admission are eligible to be considered for the normal array of College awards and prizes offered to eligible undergraduate students and may be eligible to receive need-based financial aid.

All merit-based tuition scholarship recipients are required to meet the renewal criteria stipulated in their award letters. Failure to meet the renewal criteria may result in the reduction or removal of the scholarship.