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Offices & Services

Office of Student Financial Aid

Annual and Endowed Scholarships

Income from the funds listed below provide the source of funding for the WC need-based tuition grants and many of the merit based academic tuition scholarships awarded at the time of admission.

Students need not apply for these scholarships as they will be awarded at the discretion of the Director of Student Financial Aid and administered in conjunction with the College’s financial aid program. Awards held by upper-class students may not be available to new students in any given year.

Annual Scholarships

  • The Henry C. Beck Memorial Scholarship
  • The Independent College Fund of Maryland Scholarships
  • The Kent County Commissioners Scholarship Fund
  • The Kent County Vincent Hynson Scholarship Fund
  • The James Millard Murphy Scholarship
  • Dr. Jacob D. Rieger Scholarship Fund
  • The Ida and Morris Schulman Scholarship

Endowed Scholarships

  • The Helen Sullivan Adams Scholarship Fund
  • The Bailey Memorial Scholarship
  • John E. Barnes, Jr. ’47 Scholarship
  • Cecil M. Benadon /Hodson Trust Memorial Scholarship
  • The Elizabeth A. “Bo” Blanchard Scholarship Fund
  • The Theodosia C. Bowie ’33 Scholarship Fund
  • The Ann Brandt Memorial Fund
  • George Avery Bunting Scholarships
  • The Burchinal Scholarship
  • The Joseph Raynor Carrow Fund
  • The Douglass Cater Scholarship
  • The Chevy Chase Bank Scholarship
  • The Christmas Scholarship
  • The A. James Clark Scholarship Fund
  • The Dr. Charles B. Clark ’34 Scholarship Fund
  • Class of 1940 Scholarship
  • Class of 1950 Scholarship
  • The Class of 1956 Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Class of 1987 Scholarship
  • Class of 1994 Scholarship
  • The William L. Clayton Scholarship
  • Cleaver/Hurst Educational Endowment
  • Clark M. Clifford Scholarship
  • Clough Family Scholarship
  • The Concordia Foundation Scholarship
  • The Nellie Graham Cooley Scholarship
  • The Corddry Scholarship Fund
  • The Helen Springer Dryden Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Harry J. Duffey Scholarship
  • The Henry Armitt Brown Dunning Caroline County Scholarship
  • Robert Fallaw Scholarship
  • The David and Helen Fields Family Scholarship
  • The Jefferson L. Ford III, Jr. ’14 Memorial Fund
  • France-Merrick Scholarship
  • The Friends of the Arts Scholarship
  • Gale Fund for Environmental Studies Scholarship
  • The Charles H. Gibson Scholarship Fund
  • The Daniel Z. Gibson Scholarship Fund
  • The Helen S. Gibson Scholarship
  • The Gray-Pinkney Scholarship
  • The William G. Greenly Scholarship Fund
  • The William E. Griffith ’24 Scholarship
  • Julius Grollman/Kent Island American Legion Scholarship
  • The Norman M. and Eleanor H. Gross Scholarship Fund
  • Anna Melvin Hague ’05 Memorial Scholarship
  • The Charles S. Hague, Jr. ’38 Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Avery W. Hall Scholarship
  • William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship
  • The Leroy Savin Heck, M.D. ’25 Scholarship Fund
  • The Alfred S. Hodgson Scholarship
  • Hodson-Gilliam Scholarships
  • Hodson Science Scholarship
  • The Hodson Trust-Beneficial Merit Scholarships
  • The Leroy E. Hoffberger Music Scholarship
  • The Ernest A. Howard Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Rufus C. Johnson ’42 Scholarship
  • The Elwood M. Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Reverend John Edward Jones Scholarship
  • The Mr. and Mrs. William Kight Scholarship
  • The Johan and Bart Koppenol Scholarship Fund
  • The Larkin Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Constance Stuart Larrabee Scholarship Fund
  • The Laughlin Annual Distinguished Scholarship Award
  • Legg Mason Scholarship Fund
  • The John J. Leidy Foundation Scholarship
  • The Lewis-McGrath Scholarship
  • The Dr. Frederick G. Livingood Memorial Scholarship
  • The Thomas Hunter Lowe ’52 Scholarship
  • The Thomas J. and Belle Patterson Maher Scholarship
  • The Mary Martin Drama Scholarship
  • The Mary Emily Matthews Scholarship Fund
  • The William Beck Matthews Scholarship Fund
  • The Joseph H. McLain ’37 Memorial Scholarship
  • The Memorial Scholarship
  • The Alice C. and J. William Middendorf, Jr. Merit Scholarship
  • The Mid-Shore Community Foundation Scholarship
  • The Lewis Waters Milbourne Scholarship Fund
  • The Clifton M. Miller Scholarship
  • The Duncan Miller Scholarship
  • Mary Louise Moore Scholarship
  • Dorothy Woodall Myers Scholarship Fund
  • The Everett Nuttle Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The George D. and Margaret A. Olds Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Dr. John Thomas Parker Scholarship Fund
  • The William Kennon Perrin and Anita Ewens Perrin Scholarship
  • The Joyce E. Poetzl ’60 Memorial Scholarship
  • The Raymond Richard Pomeroy ’51 Scholarship
  • Robert W. Powell, Ph.D. ’56 Scholarship
  • The Raggedy Ann and Andy(TM) Scholarship Fund
  • The Irwin O. Ridgely Memorial Scholarship
  • The H. Charles Rienhoff Scholarship Fund
  • The John W. Roberts III ’67 Book Scholarship
  • The Emory T. Roe Fund
  • The Henry Rogers Scholarship
  • Sonia and Nathan Rosenwald Scholarship
  • The Harry S. Russell Memorial Scholarship
  • The Margaret Jane Martin Sasse Memorial Scholarship
  • The Joseph W. and Jean E. Sener Scholarship Fund
  • The Seraph Foundation Scholarship
  • The Smith-Bandel Scholarship
  • The C. V. Starr Scholarship Fund
  • The Joe B. Stevens Scholarship
  • The George D. Stowman Memorial Scholarship
  • The SunTrust Scholarship
  • The J. Edwin Tawes Memorial Scholarship
  • The Edith Louise Lawrie Thornton Scholarship
  • The Margaret Boulden Thornton Memorial Scholarship
  • The USF & G Corporation Scholarship
  • The Ralph Usilton ’62 Scholarship
  • The William Warner Scholarship
  • George Washington Scholarship
  • The Washington College Academy of Lifelong Learning (WC-ALL) Scholarship
  • P. Watson Webb Scholarship
  • The Elizabeth Tate Westbrook Art Scholarship
  • The Clarence C. White Memorial Scholarship
  • The Mrs. John Campbell White Scholarship
  • The Jacob O. Williams Memorial Scholarship

Casey Scholarships

The following scholarships were made possible by gifts from Betty Brown Casey, Eugene B. Casey, and/or the Eugene B. Casey Foundation.

Clark M. Clifford Scholarship

Established in 1998, this scholarship is awarded to one or more pre-law students in honor of the late Clark M. Clifford an American lawyer who served as a key advisor to Presidents Harry S Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Jimmy Carter. Mr. Clark’s presidential commissions included Chair of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, White House Counsel, and Secretary of Defense. 

Annie B. Coleman Scholarship

Established in 2015, this scholarship honors Annie B. Coleman for her thirty-four years as the Executive Assistant to seven Washington College presidents. Mrs. Coleman is a native and lifelong resident of Kent County, Maryland. This scholarship supports one or more students who reside in Kent County, Maryland, at the time of their admission to Washington College.

Raggedy Ann and Andy™ Scholarship Fund 

The idea of this scholarship was conceived, fostered, and endowed by Betty Brown Casey ’47. The scholarship was launched at a fund raising fashion show hosted by former Maryland First Lady Jeanne Mandel at the Governor’s Mansion in Annapolis, MD, in May 1975. A non-exclusive license to Washington College to use the Raggedy Ann and Andy ™ name was granted by the Bobbs-Merrill Company that same year. Scholarships are awarded to one or more students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, good citizenship, and high character. More than 50 students per year are the recipient of this scholarship, which ranges from $1,100 to $22,000, with the average award approaching $10,000.