Office of Student Engagement

2017 - 2018 Recap

An update on SEB’s 2017-2018 success…


It was a very successful year for the Student Events Board. Although we had some road bumps (who doesn’t?), we finished out the year stronger than ever before.

To begin, we finalized our mission statement, as you’ll see above, and came up with a slogan - Experience is Everything. This kick-started our marketing and publicity campaign throughout the year, and gave all of us at SEB something to strive for and remember, as we planned all of our events. We will continue to bring this slogan to life through everything that we do on the board. You can find our new slogan on many of our giveaways throughout the year including water bottles, pens, sticky notes, blankets and more.

We held a total of 41 events and checked-in 8,119 people total, with 1,382 unique student, faculty, and staff attendees! On average our events had 111 people in attendance, while our annual events had record-breaking attendance. The final counts being 1,101 students, faculty, and staff at Birthday Ball, 699 at Shoremal (our fall dance), 474 at Fall Fair in the Square, and 357 checked-in to Shorefest. We are so excited to see the increase in attendance from last year’s results and can’t wait to see how we can improve in 2019.

We started the year off by welcoming in the freshman class with a week of Orientation events. We kicked off freshman year with ice cream, a high energy game show, hypnotist Chris Jones, and blew everyone away with Pizza Wars and our Paint Party. We welcomed four Chestertown area pizza places to Hodson Hall and let all of the freshman (and student leaders) vote for their favorite slice. No one left hungry and Luisa’s was crowned the winner! We finished the week off with a Paint Party, complete with a DJ, plenty of paint to throw at your new friends, and a whole night of fun, laughter, and color.

The Fall semester was filled with many new and unique events. Ranging from a Hawaiian Luau, complete with a mechanical shark, grilled pineapple, and BBQ sliders to the Fall Country Concert featuring the Mulligan Brothers, free blankets to the first 50 people, churros and more! Shoremal - Shoremen Formal - was also a hit. Although we changed the name from previous, Homecoming, it was the same great dance. Shoremal is focused on Washington College spirit and community, and is expected to be a continuing tradition in the coming years. We also started a new annual event during this semester - Fall Fair in the Square. Although the weather was not on our side, the event still went exceedingly well. Almost 500 students enjoyed the fair themed foods, games, prizes, and even a virtual roller coaster. Plus, don’t forget all of the performers, including Sean Bott Mentalist, Comedians Adam Grabowski and Derrick Knopsnyder, and Singer J8ke, as well as beloved events like Waffle Wednesday, Bubble Soccer, Pumpkin Party and Campus Spa.

After starting off so strong in the Fall, we were determined to maintain focus and drive and continue to give student’s the best experience possible during the spring semester. The members of SEB truly gave it their all throughout the spring and we ended in May with as much passion and focus as we had in January. From DIY Snow Globes, Way Back Wednesday, and Bus Trips to both DC and NYC, we continued to bring unique and new events to our fellow Shoremen. SEB, particularly the Annual Events Committee, blew everyone out of the water with our Journey to Atlantis themed Birthday Ball. The magnificent jelly fish, ocean mural, and elaborate under water and Atlantis themed decor, as well as the beloved DJ and dance floor made this year’s Ball a truly extraordinary night. George Washington would have loved it too. After enjoying more comedians, craft nights and tailgates, we ended the year with Shorefest. After years of rain, we FINALLY were able to have it outside on the green. We had a blast planning the best end of the year event at WAC, and we think that everyone enjoyed endless games, inflatables, prizes, giveaways, and food. From popcorn and cotton candy, to our revered raffle baskets, free beach towels and t-shirts, and Euro Bungee, there were so many chances for students to win, relax, and have fun at our end of the year bash.

Overall, 2017 was a year to remember for SEB. From our Marketing and Publicity Committee to Series Events (and every committee, director, and board member between), we are truly proud of our results this year. We can’t wait to bring new and enjoyable experiences to the school next year and we will continue to fulfill our mission. After all, experience is everything