Office of Student Engagement

2016 - 2017 Recap

Want to hear about our 2016-2017 year? Read on!


This year, the Student Events Board, SEB, hosted 47 events for the students of Washington College. Events ranged from smaller scale paint nights to comedians to Bubble Soccer, a fan favorite of Goose Nation. This year, our attendance has grown dramatically, thanks to increased publicity and productivity, and we hope to only continue to grow in the coming years. With the use of Check I’m Here, now known as Presence, we are able to better track student engagement.


In the past semester, we had the opportunity to partner with the Office of Admissions and program during admitted students days. This gave future students the opportunity to experience WAC’s student life, and these events were highly successful. One such event, a Bingo Night, had almost 200 students and admitted students in attendance. Prizes ranged from Netflix subscriptions to a kayak, as well as free pizza from the new, local Chestertown Pizza. As we continue to partner with other organizations, we hope to reach new heights with student engagement potential.

This year’s Birthday Ball was a classy evening of great music, food, and gorgeous d├ęcor. The theme of was ‘Old Hollywood’ and long dresses and black-tie apparel was strongly encouraged. The event was a smashing success, with over 1200 students, faculty, staff and guests in attendance. One of the main goals of Birthday Ball this year was to bring it back to its roots. Encouraging positive student and bringing the event back to its roots of George Washington. It was exciting to see such high attendance, especially after Homecoming, which had record-breaking attendance of 900 students. Next year, we are changing the name of Homecoming to Shoremal (Shoreman Formal) to improve school spirit. The name never really fit the concept of the dance, so we hope that this new name will be better adept.


This year Spring Concert is featuring Jesse McCartney. The student and staff excitement surrounding this upcoming performance has been great for the morale of SEB. We hope to continue to bring performers to campus that students are excited for.


One topic that many students and staff are unaware of is that SEB handles all social programming for Orientation and Pre-Orientation. All members of SEB move-back to campus early in the Fall to prepare for incoming freshman. We are some of the first students to interact with freshman, and we have a large role in ensuring that their first few days at WAC are awesome. These events are a great way for us to make freshman feel welcome and introduce them to SEB as an organization.


Whether it be small scale events, like game shows or musicians, or large scale dances, the Student Events Board is dedicated to providing free and enjoyable events to students of all interests. We hope to continue to grow student involvement in the coming years.