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Office of Information Technologies

William Smith Hall Basement

The Office of Information Technologies (OIT) is Washington College’s Central IT organization. OIT advocates for information technologies that foster and support the enduring values of Washington College by providing technologies that enhance the learning and teaching experience and empower communications for the community.  Some of what we do:

  • Provide guidance in the development of IT standards and policies that facilitate and govern the College’s access and use of IT resources.
  • IT Infrastructure, building and maintaining IT services, including email, Wi-Fi, networking, authentication, telecommunications, and other IT systems that the community depends upon.
  • Switchboard, coordinating telephone calls throughout campus Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. except for holiday or weather-related closures.  The switchboard personnel also provide campus telephone information.
  • Administrative Computing, maintaining the college’s database of records for financial information, human resources, donors and students.
  • IT Acquisitions, purchasing all College-owned computers, mobile devices, and all other IT-related hardware and supplies.

Responsive, professional IT services result in the campus community’s ability to access and use information technology effectively.  To learn more about OIT services, visit our website at


Authentication Service

The authentication service provides password security for email accounts, Wi-Fi, and other networked IT services.  Do not give your Washington College UserID or password to anyone. The Washington College OIT, including the email administrators or anyone affiliated with management of your UserID, password,  and accounts do not send emails asking for your password. 

Password and account management for your Washington College UserID that enables access to email, Wi-Fi, network,  and other IT resources is done through the Washington College Account Self-Service website:

Be sure to complete the steps necessary to set up your account so you can complete password recovery if you forget your password.

Please do not fall for emails that appear to be from Washington College webmail administrators asking for your UserID, password or other personal information.  These emails, referred to as phishing, are illegal attempts to acquire sensitive information such as your UserID and password.  They are designed to look convincing but no legitimate business or government agency will ever ask you to provide password and personal information in an email.

If you believe that your UserID/password combination has been compromised, change your password.  If you are ever in doubt about an email that appears to be from a Washington College department, please contact the HelpDesk (ext. 7777, or 410-778-7777 from off campus or using a cell phone). You can also email the HelpDesk at


WC-Wireless Wi-Fi and Ethernet Network Service

Ethernet and WC-Wireless Wi-Fi network access are available in each dormitory room. Because Wi-Fi coverage is a shared network medium and it is subject to interference and performance issues during high utilization, if your computing device has an Ethernet port, utilize the in-room Ethernet jack to connect for improved connection reliability and speed.

Network access control is provided by captive portal for both the Ethernet and Wi-Fi services. Connect and use your Washington College UserID and Password to login.  If you need additional assistance utilizing this service, please contact theHelpDesk (ext. 7777, or 410-778-7777 from off campus or using a cell phone). You can also email the HelpDesk at

Additional information may be found at

Campus Telephone Service

Room Phone

Pre-assigned telephone lines are not provided in each residence hall room but may be requested by contacting the Help DeskHelpDesk (ext. 7777, or 410-778-7777 from off campus or using a cell phone). You can also email the HelpDesk at

Each telephone line includes voice mail, making answering machines unnecessary. Washington College does not supply telephones for students. Students are responsible for bringing their own touch-tone telephone to campus. Cordless DECT 6.0 telephones may be used, but the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz cordless phones cannot be used as they cause interference with the Wi-Fi service.


Payment for student campus-billed telephone charges should be made directly to the Washington College Business Office located at 300 Washington Avenue.

Student Telephone Authorization

Washington College students who request a phone line will be issued a telephone authorization number that must be used to make off-campus calls. The authorization number is entered on the telephone keypad prior to dialing the desired telephone number.

Policy on Release of Telephone Numbers, Campus Directory Information and 800 numbers

The College strives to protect students’ safety and privacy. It is against College policy for anyone in the College community to distribute a student’s telephone number, room assignment or personal information to any outside entity. An outside entity includes anyone who is not a verified current employee of Washington College. While a student can choose to share his or her personal information, students may not share someone else’s (another student’s) personal information. Only current employees of Washington College can receive this information.

The information in the Washington College Campus Directory is for internal use only. It is against Washington College policy to distribute the directory off campus or to share its content with anyone other than a current employee of Washington College.

The College’s incoming 1-800 number is not for faculty, student or staff personal use. Neither the Switchboard nor other campus offices will transfer calls from the 1-800 line to a student’s room extension.

Additional information may be found at 

Mail Distribution Service and Central Services

Casey Academic Center, First Floor, ext. 7867                         

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Central Services has discontinued using mailboxes. A new Sendsuite Tracking system will be used, which will be very similar to the system we currently use for  student packages.  Envelopes will be assigned a bar code which will be used to pick up student mail at the Central Services office window.  Students will receive an email with the bar code information.  Students will also need their CollegeID to retrieve their mail. Students no longer have to check their mailbox or keep track of their key.

The Office window will be open daily from 1 p.m.-4 p.m. for students to retrieve their mail.   

To ensure incoming mail is received promptly, students should notify friends and family of the correct address below: 

Student Full Name

300 Washington Avenue

Chestertown, MD 21620-1197

Resident students are issued a key and box number at check-in. Mailbox numbers are assigned to students for their entire time at Washington College. Please put the mailbox number on all correspondence and make sure the box number appears above street address to insure proper delivery. Failure to provide this number may delay delivery of mail by several days.

Shipping Service, ext. 7871

Central Services provides shipping services through UPS, Federal Express, and the US Postal Service, including two- and three-day delivery service. For more information about shipping services, call ext. 7871. Individual postage stamps are available for purchase at Central Services.

Intercampus Mail

Please present all intercampus mail to Central Services. In addition, the minimum size of inter-campus mail is 3”x5.” Any items smaller than 3”x5” or not in box order, will be returned to the sender. Intercampus mail received after 10:00 a.m. is distributed on the following business day.  The mass mailing policy is outlined later in this handbook under The Student Life and Social Events Policies.

Copy Center

In addition to providing mail services, Central Services offers an in-house print shop for printing, copying and collating. The Central Services print shop offers poster printing and document folding at a competitive price. Call Central Services at ext 7871 or 410-778-7871, or visit their website at