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Student Handbook

Terms and Conditions for Use Washington College Network

Network ID

A WC User ID provides access to a variety of facilities and services managed by Washington College Information Technologies.  Any use of a WC User ID constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions in this document.  The College reserves the right to modify the provisions of this document and will announce all such modifications in appropriate College publications.

The facilities and services accessible by a WC User ID will vary over time depending on changes in WC’s IT Resources and depending on the user’s relationship with the College.  Some examples of these facilities and services are electronic mail, research databases, as well as access to certain information from the College’s databases, such as viewing grades.  In addition, many College administrative systems rely on the WC User ID and passwords for security and access.

Once an individual is granted access to data, that person is responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of that data.

Authorized Use

Use of a WC User ID is subject to the following limitations:

  • WC User IDs may not be used for the solicitation of business, to conduct business, political campaigning unrelated to academic or co-curricular activities, candidate endorsement or illegal activities;
  • Outside resources directly or indirectly accessed using a WC User ID may have their own regulations or restrictions. It is the responsibility of the WC User ID user to be aware of these regulations or restrictions, and abide by them;
  • The use of a WC User ID by more than one person is prohibited. Users are responsible for any consequences arising from the use of their WC User ID directly or indirectly attributable to their actions.  User passwords must never be shared.


In the event of violations of the provisions of this document, the Chief Information Officer may immediately terminate all services accessible through the use of the violator’s WC Network ID.  Violators of College policies may be referred to the Washington College Honor Board and/or the employee’s supervisor for appropriate disciplinary action. Violators may also be subject to prosecution under local, state, and federal laws.  Any decision to terminate service may be appealed to the President’s Office.


Limitation of Liability

Although Washington College tries to provide a stable and accurate computing environment, from time to time hardware and/or software errors may arise.  The College does not warrant the accuracy of its computers, network systems, documentation, or advice and consultation. Neither Washington College nor or any of its agents shall be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, even if advised of the possibility thereof.  In no event shall Washington College or any of its agents be liable for failure to deliver WC IT Resources’ services.