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Alcohol and Other Drug Violations and Sanctions: What to Expect

Alcohol and Other Drugs Violations and Sanctions

What to Expect

The College’s response to alcohol or other drug violations will depend in part upon the severity of the violation. For the purposes of this policy, there are two levels of violations, categorized by frequency and severity:

  • first violation/low-level violation
  • second or subsequent violations/ or a serious first violation

Sanctions most likely to result from alcohol and other drug violations at these two levels are listed below.  Please note, these are not exhaustive lists and provide only a range of typical sanctions; other sanctions not listed here may be assigned when appropriate. Designated College administrators or the Honor Board will make their decisions based on conversation with the student and a review of the student’s past actions and will consider what is most likely to effect a positive and lasting change in a student’s behavior when assigning sanctions for alcohol or other drug policy violations.

Incident reports documenting behavior in violation of College policy, letters from College administrators, and records from Honor Board or other administrative hearings are maintained in the student’s file located in Student Affairs.

Alcohol Violations

First Violation/Low-Level Violation 

For a first low-level violation, the most common outcome is a letter of warning kept in the student’s file for one year. Should a first low-level violation occur in conjunction with other alcohol- or behavior-related concerns, the student may be required to meet with a College administrator to discuss the concerns.

Possible sanctions that may be considered as well:

  • Citation and fine
  • Official College Warning
  • Educational conversation with College administrator documented in a follow-up letter to the student

Typical Notifications:

  • Parental/guardian notification
  • If a student is a varsity athlete - athletic coach and athletic staff notification
  • If a student is a Greek organization member - Director of Student Engagement notification

Second or Subsequent Violation/First Serious Violation

Second or subsequent violations or serious first violations will be reviewed by a College administrator and the Honor Board to determine appropriate educational and judicial follow-up. The case may be referred to the Honor Board for adjudication.  The Health Center and/or the Director of Prevention Education and Advocacy will be involved for educational follow up. Sanctions for a second violation or first serious violation may include a minimum one-semester probation and demonstration of successful completion of alcohol education requirements or similar activity. Students placed on probation and later reported for a possible violation of College policy, especially a moderate or serious violation, will be referred to the Honor Board and may face possible suspension from the College.

Possible sanctions that may be considered:

  • Probation for a semester or extension of existing probation
  • Completion of an alcohol education program or community service followed by a reflection paper
  • Required substance abuse evaluation by a substance abuse counselor
  • Change in housing assignment
  • Restriction to classes and class-related activities (prohibited from attending social activities, entering the Student Center, residence halls, etc.)
  • Suspension from the College for a semester for a moderate to serious violation committed while on probation
  • Suspension for two semesters or longer for repeated violations while on probation or for a very serious violation while on probation

Typical Notifications:

  • Parent/guardian notification
  • Provost notification
  • If a student is a varsity athlete - athletic coach and Athletic Department notification
  • If a student is a member of a Greek organization - Director of Student Engagement