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Student Affairs

Student Affairs inspires intellectual and personal development, challenging students to be self-reflective citizen-leaders in a diverse and changing world.

  • The Washington College Athletics family will provide each of our student-athletes with invaluable life lessons and a first-class athletic experience while offering our alumni a lifetime of personal engagement.
  • The Center for Career Development at Washington College is here to help you with all aspects of this process including self-assessment, career exploration, career experience and job search or graduate school planning.
  • College life can be one of excitement and self-discovery. At the same time, it can generate academic, emotional, personal, social, and even financial concerns. Although not uncommon, at times these concerns can make it difficult to succeed or function while at school. Counseling is an excellent way to address such concerns.
  • The College Student Health Services provides care for full-time students during the regular academic year.
  • The Office of Intercultural Affairs is committed to creating an inclusive environment essential for all students’ cultural development and academic success.
  • The Department of Public Safety is located on the lower level of Wicomico Residence House, but you’ll find our officers on every corner of campus.
  • Living on campus is an important part of the Washington College experience, giving you the opportunity to meet new people, experience new ideas and develop important study habits and life skills.
  • As part of the residential campus experience, the Office of Student Engagement works to connect students with opportunities to learn, become outstanding leaders, and of course, to have fun.
  • The Office of Prevention Education and Advocacy engages the Washington College Community in creating a respectful and healthy living-learning environment.


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