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Residential Life

Themed Housing

Themed housing can help you explore your interests outside of the classroom while connecting students who share your interest. Our themed housing options are listed below:


Wellness living - Queen Anne House

Wellness Living is a community designed to serve students who are interested in and committed to living well physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually.  This includes making positive life choices and abstaining from substance use in the residence hall. This housing option offers a wide variety of specialty programs and opportunities.

Wellness Living Application


Art House - Middle Hall

This building is a selective learning community made up of Art/Art History, Drama and Music majors. However, some English majors and Creative Writing minors also call Middle Hall home.  Middle Hall aims to enhance the experiences of students in the performing and visual arts by involving them in special programming, enhanced connections to their faculty and unique learning opportunities. Middle Hall as a lounge area and a performance space in the basement for student events performances.

Art House Application


Science House - West Hall

West Hall houses students interested in the sciences. This theme house has a faculty advisor, a resident assistant in a science major, a full kitchen and relaxation area in the basement. This building is often quite and full of students truly dedicated to their courses and the sciences.

Science House Application


International House - East Hall

This building houses students interested in international relations and foreign language study. The residents in this building are American students, matriculating international students and international students who are visiting from abroad. This building has a full kitchen and a large common area for students to gather.

International House Application


Language Suites - Harford Hall

These suites are for advanced students of French, German, and Spanish. Students in the suites live with the language assistant, a native speaker of the language of the suite, and with other advanced students of their language of study. They eat, sleep, and dream in a foreign language!  The hall even hosts cultural program!

If you are interested in joining a language suite, please contact David Stuebing at dstuebing2@washcoll.edu or your language professor.