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Living on campus provides students with many educational benefits. For example, students who live on campus

  • Tend to participate in more extracurricular activities.
  • Interact more often with peers and faculty
  • Have a more positive perception of the campus climate.
  • Tend to have a higher level of satisfaction with the College experience.
  • Show greater personal growth and development.
  • Have a higher rate of persistence and degree completion.

Still, some students may find themselves in a situation where they would like to consider moving off campus campus. Before you do, consider:

  • COST: Many students assume that living off campus will cost less than living in a residence  hall. This may be true; however, it is possible that the costs may be similar, or that the cost of living off campus will be higher. When figuring costs, consider your portion of rent, initial deposit, last month’s rent, cost of food, cost of utilities that are not included with rent such as cable and internet. Also factor in furniture and appliances, laundry costs, and transportation to and from campus.
  • STAY CONNECTED: Many students may look forward to increased privacy and quiet of an apartment. The student should also consider that living on campus makes it easier for students to stay connected to other students on campus. Students may need to work harder to stay engaged when living off campus.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: You will be responsible for your lease, for paying bills, and for doing your own cooking and cleaning. 
  • ROOMMATES: Think carefully when finding a roommate. Often good friends do not make the best roommates. Once you commit to sharing an apartment, it is a difficult decision to change. Unlike residence hall roommates, who can be changed, you will be committed to your roommates for the entire length of your lease.

Students considering moving off campus should first review Washington College’s  Residency Requirements. Students must be a rising junior or senior and have a minimum GPA of 2.5. If you currently live off campus, you must apply again for the coming year!

Housing Exemption Application: this form is only for the next academic year contract that has not yet started. Applications can be submitted for the 2018-2019 academic year and will be reviewed with decisions sent out every two weeks. 

Off Campus policy:  

Washington College students can contribute greatly to the Chestertown community when engaged in positive activities and respectful relationships with neighbors.

As members of the Chestertown community, Washington College students are expected to comply with all town, state and federal laws and local ordinances. Students are also expected to demonstrate responsible citizenship off campus and behave in a manner that is considerate of their neighbors. Neighbors have a right to the peaceful enjoyment of their property and to protect their property investment. Any student who engages in disruptive, disorderly or destructive behavior off campus will be held accountable by Washington College.

If a citation is issued or a nuisance call/complaint is made regarding an off campus house owned, rented or leased by Washington College students, the tenants of the residence will be held accountable by the Washington College Honor Code in addition to the civic authority. All tenants, whether present or not at the incident resulting in a police, Public Safety response or neighbor complaint, are responsible for behavior that takes place at their dwelling.

Details of the Off Campus policy are located in the Student Handbook.

Helpful Information for Off Campus Students

Tenant Rights Quick Info
Maryland Tenant Rights Q&A

Chestertown Information:

Off campus residents can find information on the Chestertown website. 

Trash Pick-up Information

Regular trash is either Monday and Thursday or Sunday and Wednesday pick-up based on where you live.  Please refer to the map in the above link to know your schedule.

Brush, grass and yard waste can be picked up every Monday & Friday - contact the town, pick-up is free.

Bulk trash can be picked up every Monday & Friday - contact the town, pick-up comes with a small charge.

Recycling (paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic bottles) is picked up each Friday.

Chestertown Police Department

Call 410-778-1800 or, if there is no answer, call 778-1241 Kent County Communications.

Chestertown Constant Contact

Chestertown offers an email service that will let you know any alerts that you should be aware of in your residential area. Click on the link for more information.