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 Housing Exemption Application Process:

All matriculating, full-time students are required to live on campus during their enrollment. Only junior and seniors with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA, and good social and academic standing, both on campus and off campus, are eligible to apply for an exemption to this requirement.
The number of students exempted from the requirement will be dependent upon projected occupancy levels of the residence halls.
  • Students should not plan to be exempted from housing until they are approved.
  • Application does not guarantee approval.
  • A signed lease is not acceptable as a reason for exemption nor for an appeal to a denied application. Students should not sign any lease prior to receiving approval. If a student has signed a lease and is not approved for an exemption, the student should then expect to pay both the lease and the campus housing and residential meal plan. 
  • Students who move off campus without approval can expect to be billed for on campus housing and a residential meal plan.
  • Approval of 1 member of a planned group does not guarantee the approval of other members of the group. Students should plan their housing groups after the approval process. 
  • Students over 23 at the start of the academic year in question and local commuting students living in their family’s permanent, primary residence are exempted first and any remaining slots are allotted to non-local approved applicants.A reasonable commuting distance is under 30 miles and does not include any location crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
  • Requests to waive the residency requirement will be reviewed by of Off-Campus Review Committee  and the decisions of that committee are final.
Housing Exemption Application:
Applications are due March 1, 2020.
Applications are now closed. 
Students approved to live of campus are required to provide the Office of Residential Life the updated contact information, including local street address, landlord name, and landlord contact information by the start of the 2020-2021 academic year. 
Students approved to live off campus must follow the policies in the Expectations for Off Campus Behavior

Helpful Information for Off Campus Students

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