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Room Selection Updates:

Reminder! If you are interested in a double buyout in Reid or East, please put your name on the waitlist for either or both of those halls. (the “other tasks” drop down button) 

April 16, 3:22pm: There are no open suites available anymore, anywhere. There are spaces available in suites however with other people. There are more remaining spaces open than there are people left to pick!

Remaining students in room selection need to adjust their roommate groups to be either for just a double or by themselves. If you go in as a group of 4 or 7, the software is looking only for multiple spaces that can accommodate that amount and options are limited. 

Also, you may see rooms that are available but you can’t pick them- some rooms are designated genders and won’t come up as an option. 

If you don’t get what you want, make sure you (and anyone you want to live with) put yourselves on waitings lists for the areas and types of rooms you want. The comments section is where you would put who you want to be with and any specifics like single v.s. double. 

Please know that Residential Life staff work all summer on the waitlists. Each move has a domino effect several layers deep and there is a large amount of shuffling around before we open in August. 

April 15: there was no room selection Monday, April 15th. The update from April 12 below still stands. 

April 12, 4:53pm:

Kent Crossing:  There are no full Kent Crossing Apartments available.  They are spaces in all of the apartments though.  A group of 2 could go in together.  

Reid & East:  Reid will be available to upperclass  students.  There will be singles and doubles.  We will also be offering double buyout (double room to yourself) that costs $8,180 for the year. These will not showing up in the housing software, so if you want one, please sign up on the waitlist for either Reid or East. Specify in the comments if you want either a single, double, or double buyout.  

Western Shore:  No full apartments are still available.  There are a few single spaces though for both men and women.  You must be a rising junior or senior by credit to be eligible to live there

Harford: 1 Full suite is available and several doubles in suites are available in male, female and mixed gender suites where a group of 4 could select 

Corsica/Chester/Sass: Full suites are still available  *If you are just 1 person or 2people selecting a room, please try to fill a suite first.  This leaves open suites available to groups of 4. If you do not fill a suite, expect consolidation to occur.

Cullen: Lots of Double rooms ( 1st floor and 2nd floors female on the left, male on the right, gender neutral in the middle.  3rd floor is male, 4th floor is female).  

Waiting list.  if you were not able to select the room you wanted, please add yourself to the waiting list.  We will work through those requests all summer.




Spring  2019 Closing

We are getting closer and closer to the end of the semester.  Here are some important reminders regarding closing.

Residence Halls Close at Noon on Saturday May11th. 

Students are expected to leave 24 hours after their last final.  You will need to check out of your room with a Resident Assistant and turn in your key.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Start cleaning out your rooms in April.  Take home things you don’t need now.  It will make move out much easier in May!
  • Your room should be clean, swept, and all furniture back in the room.  Beds cannot be left lofted.
  • DONATIONS!  We will take them.  In your halls the week of closing you will find bins for donations.  We take:
    • Clothing
    • Bedding and towels
    • Food (unopened)
    • School supplies
    • Household Goods
      *All of these items are donated locally or held for the giveaway on campus in the Fall. 


2019-2020 Room Selection for Returning (current) Students

Room applications are available via WebAdvisor.