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Self Service for Faculty

Self Service is a platform for students, faculty, and staff to view information about their WC profile in one place.

Each group has access to specific modules. The academic modules are maintained by the Registrar’s Office and include “Faculty,” “Advising,” and “Student Planning.”   Within the “Faculty” and “Advising”  modules, you can view your course rosters, your advising lists, and enter final grades.  The “Student Planning” module is accessible to students only. 

For more information, please read through the tabs below.

To login to Self Service, please click here or visit:

Your user ID and password will be the same you use to login to WebAdvisor.

  • What do I need to do right now?

    Right now, we are just asking that you login and begin getting used to this system!  All students have access to Student Planning (the student section part of Self-Service) and may begin to ask you questions about their degree audits. 


    Please take the time to login to Self Service and view your rosters and advising lists.  Final grading for the Spring 2018 semester should be done on Self Service. 


    The link to login to Self Service is:

  • How do I learn to use Self Service?

    Click here for a brief PDF guide to Self Service.

    Additionally, individual training sessions by department can be scheduled with the Registrar.  We would review how to view a student’s progress, your department’s major/minor requirements within the audit, and go over how to enter final grades.  To schedule a meeting, please contact Ashley Turlington at

  • What are students using?

    All students now have access to Student Planning, the module of Self Service that allows them to view their progress toward their degree, register for classes, and plan for future semesters.  Freshmen successfully registered for Spring classes using this system in November.

    Sophomores, Juniors, and non-graduating Seniors were given access to Student Planning in November.  They had the option to use Student Planning during online drop/add and were encouraged to do so. 

    In our student “beginning of the semester reminders” email, we remind all students that they need to login to Student Planning to view their schedule.  Any student who hasn’t already done so needs to familiarize themselves with this system, as it is the only way they can register for Fall 2018 courses.  

    Interested in what students have access to? 

    To view information about Student Planning, guides, and other info regarding registration,, please visit the Student Planning webpage

  • Should I still use WebAdvisor?

    Short answer: yes. 

    There are some components of WebAdvisor we need that aren’t yet available in Self Service.  Please see below for more information about what will be used in upcoming semesters.

    Spring 2018

    Please use Self Service to view your course rosters and advising lists.  While the links are still available on WebAdvisor, we expect to remove them at the end of the Spring 2018 semester.

    Final grades - enter using Self Service

    Approving advisees for registration - please continue to use WebAdvisor*

    Fall 2018

    Course rosters and the option to enter final grades will no longer be available in WebAdvisor.  They will only be available in Self Service.

    Approving advisees for registration - please continue to use WebAdvisor*


    *Unfortunately, we have to continue using WebAdvisor to approve advises to register.  Self Service does not give us the option to clear students to register for any course.  It requires that you approve each specific course a student plans to take, which is not feasible for us.