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Office of the Registrar

Registration Instructions

Getting ready to register? This page contains the schedule of advising and registration as well as important deadlines to remember when registering for courses. This page should be used in conjunction with the To-Do List page for the Fall 2020 semester.

Student Planning

All students will be using our new registration system, Student Planning, to register for Fall 2020 courses. Please make sure to visit the following links prior to your registration day:

Fall 2020 Schedule

The current edition of the Fall 2020 course schedule can be found on Self Service (in Student Planning), or by visiting the Course Schedule page on the Registrar’s website. This page lists courses organized by subject prefix.

In addition to the Fall 2020 schedule, you can also click here to see a list of courses that are recommended for some interdisciplinary majors and minors.

Important Dates for Fall 2020 Registration

Registration for the spring semester is divided into three distinct time periods.

  • Priority registration for individual classes 
  • Online Drop/Add for all students
  • Paper Drop/Add for all students
Priority Registration Period

All students who plan to return to Washington College in the fall must register during the priority registration period in order to secure their seat in courses and to avoid lapses in scholarship and financial aid eligibility. Students must schedule an appointment with their faculty advisor during the same week as their registration date. Appointments begin on Monday of the given week and online registration begins on the subsequent Friday. The calendar of advising and registration is as follows:

Class Advising Begins Registration Begins
Non-graduating Seniors and Juniors


 March 23


March 27

All students can begin registering at 8 am EDT



March 30


April 3

Freshmen Monday, April 6


April 10

Online Drop/Add Period

Beginning on Monday, April 13 Student Planning will open again for online registration changes. This online registration window lasts until Friday, June 12. 

All changes made during this time incur no financial penalty. 

Waitlists: The automatic waitlist process will run every 24 hours throughout the second online Drop/Add period, ensuring that students on the waitlist are moved into available seats as quickly as possible. Students receive an automated email when this occurs, which reminds them to verify their schedule on WebAdvisor or Student Planning and make adjustments if necessary. Click here for more information about how waitlists function at WC.

Paper Drop/Add Period

Once the semester begins on Monday, August 31 students may only make registration changes in writing via a paper Drop/Add slip. Course additions require the signature of both the course instructor and the student’s faculty advisor. Course drops only need approval by the faculty advisor and may incur tuition a tuition penalty.

Students are reminded that non-attendance does not constitute a drop. Professors take attendance and the Registrar’s Office makes every effort to contact non-attending students, but it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that his or her course schedule matches the courses they are attending before the start of the semester and again before the end of the Drop/Add period.

Waitlists: During the paper Drop/Add period, the waitlists are frozen; course instructors may approve students to add their course by signing the paper Drop/Add slip. Note: Only department chairs may authorize over-enrollment beyond the listed capacity of a course section.

Holds and Restrictions

The following circumstances will result in a hold on your account that will prohibit you from registering:

  • If you have an outstanding balance on your student account in the Business Office.
  • If you have an Academic or Administrative “no registration” hold placed by the Provost’s Office, Student Affairs, or Health Services.

You may check your holds and restrictions on Student Planning prior to the beginning of the registration period to make sure that you are clear for registration. If you have a hold on your record, an alert will appear when you go to the Plan & Schedule page.


When a section appears as “closed” or “waitlisted,” students may attempt to add themselves to the waitlist for that section. While not all courses allow waitlisting, most departments at WC use waitlists to some extent. Frequently the waitlist will employ a ranking that awards a higher position based on class (seniors, then juniors, etc.) and academic program (majors, then minors, then non-majors, etc.).

The Registrar’s Office will run a daily waitlist clearance process during the registration periods specified above. This process automatically adds the highest ranked student to an available seat in any waitlisted section.

Students should be aware that waitlist rules prohibit adding oneself to the waitlist for a section if they are already registered for a different section of the same course. Additionally, any student nearing the top of a waitlist must be sure to clear any schedule conflicts that may prevent the Registrar’s Office from adding them to the section when a seat becomes available. A staff member from the Registrar’s Office will typically contact a student who has such a conflict via email and grant them one business day to adjust their schedule. After 24 hours, the available seat will be offered to the next student on the waitlist. Thus, it is imperative that students continually check their email account for such notifications.

Independent Study

Proposals for independent study or on-campus research should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office during the open registration period using an Independent Study / On-Campus Research Registration form (printable | interactive). Your plan of study must be developed in consultation with a faculty member who must sign the form before submission. The department chair must also approve the proposal. The Registrar’s Office will add the registration to your academic record once the proposal has been approved.


Students wishing to earn College credit for internships (including off-campus research) must complete the internship registration form. More information about beginning your search for internships, externships and job shadowing opportunities can be found on the Internships page. Once the internship is approved, the Registrar’s Office will register the student in the relevant course.

Senior Capstone Experiences

Department chairs notify the Registrar’s Office of which students should be enrolled in each Senior Capstone Experience section. Students do not register themselves in this course. More information about the process of completing an SCE prior to graduation is available on the individual department pages.

Questions and Problems

If you have any questions about registration or problems while using Student Planning, please contact or you may submit a Registration Help Request. We will respond to your questions within one business day. You should contact the Registrar’s Office in the following situations:

  • If you are blocked from registration because of pre-requisites that you have already fulfilled.
  • If you want to change the credit type of a course to AUDIT or PASS/FAIL after registering.
  • If you need faculty permission to enroll in a course. The professor must also send an email granting this permission to
  • If you have any other problems using Student Planning for online registration.

If you have login/password problems with Student Planning, please contact the Help Desk via email or 410-778-7777.