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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is/was the last day for a refund?

Appropriate refunds of tuition will be made in the following percentages:

  • before the 1st day of classes - 100% refund
  • during the first two weeks of classes - 75% refund
  • during the third week of classes - 50% refund
  • during the fourth week of classes - 25% refund

Fees are generally not refundable after the start date of the semester.

Residence hall spaces are assigned for the full semester; therefore no refunds or credits for rooms are given for a student withdrawing after classes begin.

Board refunds or credits will be determined on a pro-rata basis.

Q. Where/how do I change my address/phone number?

Students wishing to change their address should fill out a Change of Address form in the Registrar’s Office. Alumni with an address change should send the change to the Development Office.

Q. Where/how can I get proof/verification of enrollment?

The Registrar’s Office issues proof of enrollment. Please stop in and request a status letter. Verification of enrollment for loan deferments are done by the Financial Aid Office.

Q. When is graduation?

Graduation information can be found at: