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Offices & Services

Office of the Registrar

Mission, Goals and Objectives

The Washington College mission “challenges and inspires emerging citizen leaders to discover lives of purpose and passion.”

The Registrar’s Office at Washington College contributes to this mission by providing administrative and logistical support for the College’s curriculum, reinforcing its academic policies, maintaining the integrity of its institutional and educational records, and facilitating a culture that preserves the values of the College and its community.

To fulfill this mission, the Registrar’s Office has four primary goals, which are to:

  1. Administer an efficient registration and scheduling process to deliver the College’s curriculum in accordance with its policies and regulations.
  2. Provide timely, precise guidance and support to students as they work toward degree completion, as well as faculty and staff involved in the graduation process.
  3. Ensure that the College maintains accurate personal, academic and enrollment records for its entire student population, past and present, and provide access to data derived from these records only when appropriate.
  4. Demonstrate a philosophy of proactive leadership, collaboration and continual assessment that improves outcomes within the office and throughout the College.

In order to achieve these goals the Registrar’s Office has the following objectives:

Objectives for Goal One

  • Work with the academic divisions, departments, faculty committees and the Provost’s Office to effectively build, manage and maintain the curriculum and related records, including semester course schedules, room assignments, course numbering and other curricular matters.
  • Distribute the course schedule and registration procedures to College stakeholders in a comprehensive and timely manner via the Catalog, website and other forms of communication.
  • Convey reliable information about the faculty-approved academic policies and regulations of the College, and implement these policies consistently and fairly.
  • Process all student course registrations and monitor enrollment activity, including withdrawals and changes made before, during and after the Drop/Add period.
  • Provide other material support for delivering the curriculum, such as procurement of blue books and other supplies.

Objectives for Goal Two

  • Support the role of the faculty advisors by providing accurate degree completion audits and effective tracking of students’ progress toward graduation throughout his or her academic career, including declaration of majors, minors and concentrations and processing other student- or faculty-driven requests as needed.
  • Assist the Committee on Academic Standing and Advising by gathering data about students failing to meet academic standards and correctly recording term statuses for these students based on the Committee’s decisions.
  • Support faculty, staff and students responsible for programming the College’s Convocation and Commencement exercises by organizing logistics such as faculty and student line-up, processing graduation applications and tracking final requirement statuses for students nearing completion of their degree, as well as other material support on the days of these events.

Objectives for Goal Three

  • Maintain each student’s official educational records, with appropriate sensitivity to privacy concerns and confidentiality laws governing these records.
  • Provide guidance and training to students, families, faculty and staff about the process for accessing and releasing educational records including academic transcripts, enrollment verifications and other information.
  • Assist faculty in using technological systems for enrollment management, grading, and tracking degree completion information and compiling departmental statistics as requested throughout the academic year and for annual reports.
  • Collaborate with the Office of the Provost and the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment on a regular basis to provide essential registration, enrollment and degree completion information about individual students, faculty workloads, and to remain in compliance with federal, state and local reporting requirements.
  • Collect and distribute registration, enrollment and degree completion information to other offices as appropriate in order to support effective College operations.

Objectives for Goal Four

  • Construct and maintain a set of business practices that ensure the integrity of educational and institutional records, including ongoing assessment of these efforts and willingness to adapt systems as dictated by these findings.
  • Maintain a high level of customer service by guiding students and their families to other student services offices (e.g. the Business Office, Financial Aid, the Provost’s Office, the Office of Academic Skills, etc.) when issues arise that we cannot solve, and providing support or follow up case management as necessary.
  • Engage with the offices of Bunting Hall and our other neighbors to maintain an atmosphere of civility and a spirit of collegiality, two of the values that make our College unique.
Affirmed by the staff of the Registrar’s Office
August 2012