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Failing or Incomplete Grade Form

Course instructors should complete this form whenever they have assigned a failing or an incomplete grade to a student in a given term. Please submit the form at the same time as entering the final grade on Self Service. This form is retained as part of the student’s permanent record, and is used by the Committee on Academic Standing and Advising to help determine an appropriate academic standing for the student. The deadline is the same date when final grades are due to the Registrar’s Office for the semester in which the student earned a failing or incomplete grade.

Please be aware that your IP address will be logged when submitting this form. Students found abusing this form may face disciplinary action by the College Honor Board.

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Use only one form per grade/student.
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Please explain why the above named student earned a failing grade or failed to complete assigned coursework in the course. Please note if the student's attendance was a factor.
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Please list the arrangements made between you and the student for completion of this course. Bear in mind that the incomplete grade deadline is typically the third Friday in the subsequent semester, which is when the final grade is due to the Registrar's Office. Arrangements made with the student must leave an appropriate opportunity for you to complete grading in a timely manner.
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If it is possible to calculate now, please list the grade you anticipate awarding the student upon completion of the course.
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By initialing below, I affirm that I am the instructor of record for this course and verify that the above information is accurate as of the date submitted.