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Q. How do I check my grades?

Midterm and final grades are posted on Self Service after the midterm grading period and after final exams, respectively. Students may see their grades by term using the “Grades” link, or view all grades posted on their WC transcript using the “Unofficial Transcripts” link.

Q. What are the College-wide general education requirements that I must complete?

The College’s general education requirements, also called the “distribution,” are a series of breadth requirements that all students must complete along with their major. Although these requirements do not change much from year to year, each entering class should review their specific requirements on the Distribution Requirements page.

Q. How does Washington College calculate my GPA?

WC uses a four-point scale to calculate a student’s term and cumulative GPA. More information about GPA calculation is available on the GPA Calculation page, including a web-based calculator where students may explore various scenarios for how expected grades may impact their cumulative GPA.

Q. How do I declare or change my major, minor or concentration/specialization within an existing major?

The Major-Minor Declaration Form (printable | interactive) is available from the Registrar’s Office. Complete this form with your name and obtain the required signatures as specified. Submit this form to the Registrar’s Office. Any addition or subtraction of a major, minor or concentration/specialization requires completion of a new form, although signatures are not required for additions that have previously been approved. Note: Forms will not be processed in the period just before the registration period to ensure that students can make their advising appointments with their current advisor. Check the Academic Calendar for specific deadlines.

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor to assist with program planning and course selection. First-year students will be assigned their advisor and may remain with that advisor until they are ready to transfer to an advisor from the major department. Once a student has declared a major, his or her advisor will be the chair of the department or someone designated by the chair.

A student may declare a major offered by the College after completing sixteen credits (or the equivalent of one full-time semester). She or he must declare a major no later than the time she or he begins their fifth semester.

Students receive a major/minor declaration letter from the Registrar’s Office after accumulating a certain number of credit hours. This letter reminds them that they must still declare. They should then meet with their current (first-year) advisor to discuss their options for declaring a major. Students may declare more than one major, or a major and a minor, by using the form above. 

Q. Where/how do I change my advisor?

Undeclared students may request a change of advisor in writing to the Associate Provost for Academic Services, Dean DiQuinzio. Students who have already declared a major should contact their major’s department chair to request a change of advisor.

Q. Where/how do I change my address/phone number?

Students wishing to change their address should fill out a Change of Address form in the Registrar’s Office. Alumni with an address change should send the change to the Development Office.

Q. Where/how do I notify the College of a legal name change?

A current student whose name has changed should immediately notify the Registrar’s Office in writing. Legal proof of this name change must accompany the request. Alumni with a name change should send the change to the Development Office along with official verification. 

Note: The Registrar’s Office cannot change the name of an alumnus/alumna on his or her transcript after the student has graduated or withdrawn from the College. For legal reasons, owing to the fact that the transcript is the official credential of a student’s completion of coursework, the name on the transcript must be the same name as was used by the student while he/she was matriculated. However, it is possible to request a name change on a diploma since this is only a ceremonial document. 


Q. Where/how can I get proof/verification of enrollment?

The Registrar’s Office issues proof of enrollment. More information is available on the Enrollment Verification page.

Q. How do AP, Cambridge/CIE, CLEP, or IB scores transfer?

Click here for an exhaustive list of the advanced standing equivalency available to incoming students.

Q. How do I get approval to register for courses to be transferred to Washington College from another college/university?

Students wishing to register for courses at an accredited college or university with the intent of transferring these credits back to Washington College should fill out a Transfer Credit Request Form (printable | interactive). All courses must be pre-approved by both the student’s faculty advisor and any relevant department chair(s) to guarantee transfer. Although grades from other institutions are not calculated in the Washington College GPA, students must earn a “C-” or better for a course to be considered eligible for transfer. Where the final grade is lower than a “C-” or the course was taken on a Pass/Fail basis, the corresponding credits are not transferable. More information on transfer credit policies and procedures may be found on the Transfer Credit page.

Q. Who should submit a graduation application?

Although Washington College only conducts one Commencement ceremony each academic year, in May, there are three diploma conferral dates throughout the year. Any undergraduate or graduate student with enough accumulated credit hours to consider graduating within a given academic year (which includes the fall and spring semesters as well as the subsequent summer term) should submit a graduation application to the Registrar’s Office. This application notifies the Registrar of the student’s intent to complete all graduation requirements within the current academic year. The deadline for this form is October 15 (or the following Monday if this date falls on a weekend) of the year in which the student intends to graduate. The Registrar’s Office will acknowledge receipt of this application and begin to provide further information to pending graduates (also known as graduands) including a “graduation clearance” letter. Further information on the graduation process may be found on the Graduation Requirements page.