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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is/was the last day for a refund?

Appropriate refunds of tuition will be made in the following percentages:

  • before the 1st day of classes - 100% refund
  • during the first two weeks of classes - 75% refund
  • during the third week of classes - 50% refund
  • during the fourth week of classes - 25% refund

Fees are generally not refundable after the start date of the semester.

Residence hall spaces are assigned for the full semester; therefore no refunds or credits for rooms are given for a student withdrawing after classes begin.

Board refunds or credits will be determined on a pro-rata basis.

Q. Where/how do I change my advisor?

To change your academic advisor, bring a letter to the Registrar’s Office with both the new and old advisor’s signatures on it, both approving the change.

Q. How do I log in to clear a student to register?

1. Click “Approve Advisees” on the Advisors section of WebAdvisor
2. Select the current term from the drop down box
3. Check the box next to “Approve for Registration”
4. Press submit and you will return to your Advisor homepage
5. To see which advisees you have already approved click “Approve Advisees” and there will be a “Yes” in the “Already Approved” box

Q. How do I check my waitlist?

To view those students waitlisted for your course:
1. Login
2. Choose the Faculty Option
3. Choose the Class Roster Option
4. Choose the class you wish to view
5. Click the box at the bottom “Show Waitlisted Students”

Q. Got Cookies? How do you clear them?

Clearing Cookies —

If you are using Firefox 3.6.16
l. Go to Tools
2. Options
3. Privacy
4. Show Cookies
5 Remove all Cookies

If you are using Internet Explorer 8
1. Go to Tools
2. Internet Options
3. General
4. Using Browsing History select Delete
5. Check the Cookies box
6. Delete