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Advising and Registration Process

Returning Washington College students register for next semester’s courses online via WebAdvisor. Each student must consult with their academic advisor before WebAdvisor will permit registration.

Specific advising and registration days are set aside for each class level, starting with returning seniors in mid-October (for spring registration) or mid-March (for fall registration).

Faculty advisors must set up advising appointments with each of their advisees during the week appropriate to the advisee’s class level. On the Wednesday of the final advising week, all undergraduate class sessions are canceled to provide ample time for advising appointments with first-year students. After the advising appointment for any student, the advisor must log onto WebAdvisor and “clear” the student to register (instructions below). Students in each class level register from Friday at noon through the following Monday at 4:30 PM.

The Registrar’s Office emails registration priority to students on the Monday at the start of their advising week. The student may always view this priority time by logging onto WebAdvisor and clicking on the Registration Status & Time link on the main Student’s Menu.

After the initial registration period is complete, and before online Drop/Add opens for students, the Provost’s Office will analyze current waitlist levels and will make a decision concerning course sections to cancel for under-enrollment. The disposition for these courses will be communicated directly to the instructor and department chair by the Provost’s Office.

Incoming students are registered in June (at the Summer Advising Days) and in January. The student’s summer advisor (in June) or first-year advisor (in January) conducts all registration transactions on behalf of the student via WebAdvisor. Fall incoming students may not make changes to their registrations prior to the semester unless they directly contact the Associate Provost for Academic Services or the Registrar. All students, including incoming students, participate in the paper Drop/Add period once the semester has begun.

Viewing Your Advisees

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “View Advisees” link beneath the Advising Options heading. You will be prompted to login.
  3. This will bring you to an index of faculty names. Click on your last name. If it is not listed, you have no advisees assigned. The bottom of this index page also lists Majors, Minors, Specializations, and GR/CE Students as an access point for department chairs, program coordinators, and others who have been given permission to view these cohorts.
  4. The next page lists all of your currently assigned advisees. From here, you may select the Summary Sheet (“SS”), Degree Audit (“DA”), Photo, or Schedule from the current and previous semester. A summary of advisee GPAs and a page with formatted email addresses is also available by clicking on either of the links at the top left. Additional information on the advisee index page includes the student’s class level, campus box number, major(s) and whether they have a FERPA privacy restriction.
  5. NOTE: An archive of advisees from previous semesters can be accessed using the “Old Advisee Summary Sheets” from the main Admin home page.

“Clearing” Your Advisees for Registration

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Log In link at the top right of the page. You will be prompted to login.
  3. Click on the purple “Advisors” link to the right.
  4. From this menu, click on the “Approve Advisees” link beneath the Advisor Information heading.
  5. NOTE: The “My Advisees” and “Approve Advisees” links differ from the next link labeled simply “Advisees.” The “Advisees” link ONLY provides a static list of the students to whom you are assigned. The other two links actually allow you to perform actions on your assigned advisees.
  6. On the “Approve Advisees” page, select the CURRENT TERM from the drop-down menu. This is a lookup screen, so you must use the current term to find your current advisees. In principle, you are approving them to register NOW for the NEXT term. Thus, selecting the NEXT term from the drop-down menu will not result in granting them clearance to register in THIS term. This is unfortunately a hard-coded aspect of WebAdvisor that cannot be changed.
  7. On the resulting page, titled “Approve Advisees to Register,” you will find three columns: a list of your advisees, a space to designate if they have already been approved, and a checkbox to approve those who still need permission to register. Click on the checkbox for each individual student who is now authorized to register. Once you have checked all the students you wish to approve, click [SUBMIT] at the bottom of the page.
  8. This brings you to a confirmation page where you can see the list of students who you have just authorized under the heading “These advisees selected for approval.” You must click on [Click to Approve] in order to effect the authorization. Once you have clicked on this button, the system returns you to the main Advisors menu.