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Major Declaration Process

Students may use the Major / Minor Declaration Form (printable | interactive ) throughout the academic year to declare a major, a second major, a specialization or concentration within any major, or any number of minors.

At the start of each semester, the Registrar’s Office sends a memorandum and a blank declaration form to all undeclared students who have accumulated 44 or more credit hours. This memo encourages students to decide on a major and visit the relevant department chair for the required signature. Copies of this form are also available on the Registrar’s Office Student Forms page and in the office.

Students who have already declared a major should use the same form to add, modify or drop aspects of their major or minor. This includes the student’s major concentration/specialization or certification.

The only time during the year when the Registrar’s Office will NOT process these forms is during the weeks just prior to the mid-semester advising and registration period. The Registrar’s Office enforces a student deadline for submission of the declaration form. This ensures that the Registrar’s Office has enough time to process a new advising assignment and eliminates any risk that the student will be advised by someone who cannot actually approve their registration, or that they will not be able to find an available advising time during their class advising week.

If a student wishes to declare a new major after the deadline has passed, and both the new department chair and the new advisor agree that there is an available advising appointment time for that student, the Registrar’s Office will process a declaration form with a speedier turnaround. This will only be done by special request of the department chair.