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Office of the Registrar

Final Grading

Fall Final grades must be submitted via Self-Service no later than Tuesday, December 17 at 4:30 pm.

  • Instructions on Submitting Final Grades

    1. Go to the Self Service login page.  Login using your net ID and password.

    2. Click on the “Faculty” option from the menu.

    Faculty Option

    3. Click on the course you wish to grade.  Make sure to choose the course in the correct term.

    Course options


    4. On the following page, a list of all students currently registered in your course section will appear.  To enter grades, click on the Grading tab, and then Final Grade tab.  Students who have dropped or withdrawn from the course will not be listed.

    Grading & Final Grade


    5. To assign Final Grades, select the grade from the drop down menu.  There is no submit button. You can select grades and edit them freely until 8:30 am the following morning (**see note below). 

    Select Grade


    The Registrar will verify grades each morning at 8:30 during Final Exam week. This means the grades will be locked in, and you will not be able to change them. Once this process has been run, final grades will be visible to students and will appear on transcripts. 

    **Please note, on the Monday and Tuesday that final grades are due, the Registrar will be verifying grades several times throughout the day.  This won’t affect your ability to submit final grades, but it will affect your ability to change them.  The grades will be verified at 8:30 am, 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm, and 4:30 pm on the Tuesday prior to Commencement. This is necessary in order to check on the graduating seniors’ statuses, and to find out which grades are missing. 

    If a student stopped attending your course section during the Drop/Add period, but is still on the roster as of the final grading period, please notify the Registrar immediately. DO NOT grade this student. However, if a student stopped attending after the Drop/Add period and still appears on your roster, he or she should receive a failing grade. If there has been a mistake and the student did withdraw from the course in a timely manner, there will be a paper trail to substantiate the grade change. Instructors should never place a grade of “W” in the Grade box as this will not withdraw the student from the course.

  • Additional Requirements for Failing or Incomplete Grades

    Instructors who issue an “I”ncomplete or “F”ailing grade for any student must also complete an Incomplete Grade Form or Failing Grade Form depending on the circumstance.  Instructors must submit one form per failing or incomplete grade and should submit these at the same time as entering the final grade on Self Service.

  • Changing Grades After Entry

    If you have made a mistake in grade calculation or selected the wrong grade while entering it on Self Service, please complete the Grade Update Form.  The form can be found on the Faculty Resources page from the Provost’s site, which is password protected.  The form is the last link on the page. 


The College’s grading policy permits the following grades (listed with corresponding grade point value):
A+ 4.00   C 2.00
A 4.00   C- 1.67
A- 3.67   D+ 1.33
B+ 3.33   D 1.00
B 3.00   D- 0.67
B- 2.67   F 0.00
C+ 2.33    

Additional grades may be assigned as needed. These grades include:



The deadline to submit a grade update for incomplete grades is always the Friday of the third week of courses during the subsequent semester. Instructors may verify the exact date by checking the Registrar’s Calendar for the upcoming semester.


Auditor who has successfully “passed”

An auditor who has attended enough class sessions, or who has otherwise met the criteria outlined by the instructor at the start of the semester, should receive an “AU” grade. An auditor who has not attended enough class sessions or did not meet the criteria outlined by the instructor should receive no grade on the grading sheet; please enter a “Last Attended Date” instead, if it is known. The Registrar’s Office will drop this student from the course with no grade earned and no tuition refund permitted.


Student taking the course for a Pass/Fail grade

Juniors and seniors may elect to take courses graded on a Pass/Fail basis.  When submitting these grades, please submit “P” for Pass and “F” for Fail.