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Quantitative Skills Center

Quick Helps


Introduction to Limits

Calculating Limits


The Chain Rule

Techniques of Differentation


These worksheets provide practice with the quantitiative skills required for economics course work.

Lines and Slopes

Solving Equations

Algebra Practice

Statistics Quick Helps


Combinations and Permutations

Binomial Distribution

Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests

Confidence Interval for Mean (sigma known)

Test for a Mean (sigma known)

Test for a Proportion

Test for Difference of Means

Test for Difference of Proportions

Confidence Interval for Proportion

Confidence Interval for a Mean (sigma unknown)

Test for a Mean (sigma unknown)

Test for Relationship

Test for Goodness of Fit

Linear Correlation and Regression

Other Useful Websites and Resources contains videos offering help in Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, and much more.

Wolfram Alpha is a useful mathematics search engine from the makers of Mathematica. has many useful tutorials for algebra, calculus, statistics, chemistry, physics, and biology.