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Quantitative Skills Center

 Welcome to the QSC!

We can help with all of your number needs!

While the Washington College campus is closed this spring, the QSC will be offering all tutoring sessions online. Learn how to take part in an online tutoring session by watching the brief video below!  




“Without this help I wouldn’t have gotten an A.”

“You are able to ask students for help, which somehow seems to be less intimidating.”

“They are willing to go slowly through the material and help you a great deal.”

“It’s free, professional tutoring.”

“Tutors were excellent.”








Our Top 3 Questions

  • Can I just stop by?

    Of course!  We have drop in hours Monday - Thursday from 12:30 - 4:30 pm.  We also have numerous, course specific, drop-in hours in the evening!

  • What courses can I get help with?

    We aren’t here just for math courses!  We can help with any quantitative classes from the Computer Science, Business, Economics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry or Psychology Departments!

  • How do I make an appointment?

    It’s easy!  Click the following link, 

  • Rahat Choudery
    Rahat Choudery
  • Natalia Nagy
    Natalia Nagy
  • Tegan McBride
    Tegan McBride
  • Michelle Ly
    Michelle Ly
  • Yisi Liu
    Yisi Liu
  • Colleen Williams
    Colleen Williams
  • Danny Gonzalez
    Danny Gonzalez
  • Ryan Wartenberg
    Ryan Wartenberg
  • Devyn Daugherty
    Devyn Daugherty
  • Larisa Okshewsky
    Larisa Okshewsky
  • Kerrin Ehrensbeck
    Kerrin Ehrensbeck
  • Brenda Clark
    Brenda Clark
  • Lucy Ofosu-Appiah
    Lucy Ofosu-Appiah
  • Alex Rowe
    Alex Rowe