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Emergency Communications

In the face of the nation’s heightened concern over possible terrorist attacks, Washington College’s Office of Public Safety would like all members of the campus community to be aware of our communication procedure in case of a local, state or national crisis.

In the case of a local, regional or national emergency that could affect our campus community, communications, updates and instructions will be sent to our students and employees through the WAC Alerts system. WAC Alerts is the College’s self-service, web-based, emergency notification system that sends instant alerts to registered users.

WAC Alerts works by sending a message to all standard text communication devices: mobile phones (via SMS text messages, voice and voice mail), land phones, e-mail accounts, RSS readers, test pagers, wireless pagers, wireless PDAs, and web site pages. It is a cross-carrier mobile service, so it does not matter which phone provider you use.

All Washington College students, faculty and staff can self manage their accounts to register or deactivate the service, update phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Those who register can also include phone numbers or email addresses for parents, spouses or others if they want. All email addresses for students, faculty and staff, as well as office and dorm room phone numbers, are pre-loaded into the system.

Sign up for WAC alerts at

The campus is also equipped with outdoor emergency broadcast towers found in strategic locations that also double as blue light phones. Emergency notifications are delivered via the broadcast towers when situations warrant. When activated, the broadcast system will sound an alert accompanied by a siren and blinking blue light. A message will follow informing the campus community of the reason for the alert and with appropriate instructions.

Recorded updates about the status of College operations will also be available by calling the College’s main telephone number 410-778-2800.

Should telephone and electronic communication be interrupted, information fliers will be posted on first floor bulletin boards around campus, in the residence halls, and at entrances to key buildings when and where possible.

As individuals and citizens, we can all take steps to better prepare ourselves in the case of an emergency. The College encourages all students and employees to make themselves familiar with emergency preparedness and response procedures recommended by local, state, and national agencies. That information is available through the following websites: