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Flu List

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Academic Year’s flu list.

This list will be updated daily, or as we receive information about students to be added.  Please review this list for students that have missed class.  My office will not send individual emails to these students’ professors.  If you do not see your student on this list, they were not 

Please be in touch if you have any questions,



Sara Roe

Administrative Assistant to the Associate Provost

Dr. Andrea Lange

Bunting Hall, first floor

 p (410) 778-7206 |


10/9/2017 Cooper, Benjamin 2968817
10/9/2017 Chadam, Aidan 3111972
10/12/2017 Willems, Bailey 2989733
10/17/2017 Bennett, Anna 3104695
11/1/2017 Sparco, Julia 3107708
9/6/2017 McHenry, Meghan 3101554
9/6/2017 Higgins, Colin 2932986
9/12/2017 Heckert-Mitchell, Gillian 3083033
9/12/2017 Houghton, Andrew 3113557
9/18/2017 Wrobel, William 3116402