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Office of the President

The heart of Washington College beats loudest in the President’s Office.

Board meetings. Conference calls. Event scheduling questions. Photo sessions. Impromptu conversations in the hallway. Leftover sandwiches in the conference room. There are lots of reasons to visit the President’s Office.

In the inner sanctum of Bunting Hall, President Sheila C. Bair and her staff are charting the future of Washington College at both the micro and macro levels. Whether planning an upcoming lecture series or prepping for the next strategy session for the Board of Visitors and Governors, our staff makes every occasion a “special event.”

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Sheila’s Scrapbook

At the conclusion of President Sheila Bair’s time at Washington College, we offer a glimpse of her presidency through photos.

 Here are some of our favorite videos.

Summer Advising 2017 (6/16/17) 
Youtube: https://youtu.be/iWDvx41vhHM (unlisted link)
Dam the Debt (5/8/17)
Forge a Legacy (5/3/17)
This Is Your Life (5/4/17)
Washington College Affordability (5/1/17)
FixedFor4 (3/30/17)
The History of Sophie Kerr (3/15/17)
Weekend in Omaha (1/24/17)
A Washington College Thanksgiving (11/18/16)
Lean In Circle (6/24/16)
Commencement 2016 Highlights (5/25/16)
Holiday Greetings (12/2/15)
Address to Alumnae (9/30/15)
Reading from Isabel’s Car Wash (5/17/16)
Inauguration Highlights (9/26/15)
Presidential Priorities Announced at Inauguration (9/26/15)
Inaugural Symposium Highlights (9/24/15)
Greetings from Washington College Community
Youtube: https://youtu.be/ihTDUxa5oNA (6/15/15)
Message to the Class of 2019
Youtube: https://youtu.be/kMVhx1pwMgQ (6/10/15)
Incoming President at Commencement (5/18/15)