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Copyright Policy

Public Performance

Public Performance of Copyright-protected Works


The owners of copyrighted music have the exclusive right to perform or authorize performances of their music publicly. The use of copyrighted music for purposes other than face-to-face teaching activities (covered by Fair Use and the TEACH Act) requires permission from the music copyright owners.

Such uses include, but are not limited to:

  • recorded background music in campus facilities through tapes, CDs, and videos
  • music on College Internet or Intranet sites;
  • music played by College-sponsored ensembles in College facilities;
  • live concerts by guest performers in College facilities, promoted by the College itself;
  • campus non-commercial radio broadcasts


Dramatic works may not be publicly performed without permission, either in their entirety or is smaller portions, such as: excerpts, acts, scenes, monologues, etc.

Video and Film (Including video materials stored in digital format)

Instructional Purpose

The use of lawfully owned or rented copies of video recordings in face-to-face teaching activities in the classroom or via dissemination through a digital network as an integral part of a class session is permitted provided certain conditions are met. See Section 110 of the Copyright Act and the TEACH Act.

Public Viewing

Video and film recordings, even when legally owned by the College, require permission from the copyright holder or agent for public showing. The copyright owner specifies, at the time of purchase or rental, the circumstances in which a video may be “performed.” For example, rented videos usually bear a label that specifies “Home Use Only.” Residence Halls are similar to homes. It is therefore acceptable to show videos labeled “Home Use Only” in those areas, provided no advertisements have been posted.

Adverised showings and showings that occur in large venues such as Gibson Center for the Arts, Norman James Theater, Litrenta, Hodson Hall or Campus Green require explicit license, either associated with the video or arranged through a video rental service. Note that the same rule applies to public viewing in the classroom.