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Obtaining Permission

When you wish to use a copyrighted work and such use cannot reasonably be justified as “fair use,” you should seek permission for this use from the copyright owner. There is no universally applicable set of steps to seek and obtain copyright permission, but following are some guidelines:

  • If you know who owns the copyright of the material and you can find a contact address, you may write directly to that person requesting permission.
  • If you do not know who owns the copyright, but do know the publisher of the material, contact the publisher for copyright permission. To determine the publisher, consult the copyright page and/or the acknowledgement page of the work.

Helpful Copyright Permission Websites

Association of American Publishers

“AAP has gathered several resources related to copyright and permissions throughout our web site. Below, we provide links to the most important resources.”

Copyright Clearance Center

“Providing the most complete and convenient access to copyright permission for millions of publications worldwide.”

University of Northern Iowa