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Copyright Policy

Ownership of Non-Academic Work

In general, non-academic work created by faculty, staff, or students in fulfillment of their paid responsibilities – known as “work for hire” – is owned by the College. The College will retain ownership of the copyright in works created in the course of an administrative assignment of the College, such as internal policies and procedures, internal studies and plans, or a report for a College committee. Similarly, the College will retain ownership of the copyright in works directed or commissioned by the College, such as articles for the alumni magazine, contributions to other College publications written by College Relations personnel, or computer software developed by Information Technology Services staff.

On occasion, the College may grant its copyright in an administrative work to one or more individuals or may agree to joint ownership of the copyright. If an individual wishes to own the copyright in a work that falls into this category, he or she should raise the issue in writing before undertaking the work. The arrangement on which the individual and the College agree must be documented in writing. If no such written arrangement exists, the presumption of ownership by the College will be deemed to apply.