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Intellectual works created by the faculty and students of the College in the course of their academic pursuits that are eligible for copyright protection include most courseware, syllabi, textbooks, scholarly monographs, trade publications, maps, charts, articles in popular magazines and newspapers, novels, nonfiction works, supporting materials, artistic works, and like works. These works and the copyright of these works are owned by their creator(s). Any revenue derived from these works likewise belongs to the creator(s).

Even though the College may provide some support in the way of facilities, materials, equipment, funding, or personnel, the creator(s) retain individual ownership of the copyright in such works. However, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the creator(s) and the College, the College’s use of this material shall be royalty-free if it was designed for the express purpose of being available to individuals other than, or in addition to the creator(s) for use in teaching, administration, or other College activities. Such materials will remain available to the College free of charge, even if the creator has left the College.