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Office of Intercultural Affairs


Intercultural Ambassador Council

The Intercultural Office is pleased to be beginning this initiative on campus. The Intercultural Ambassador Council brings students from many different backgrounds to represent different cultural and life experiences including the LGBT community, first-generation students, international students, students of color, faith and non-faith efforts on campus, gender, students with disabilities, non-traditional students, and students with low socioeconomic backgrounds. These “ambassadors” then go into the campus community to promote events celebrating and supporting these specific communities and experiences in order to foster dialogue and understanding. 

Intercultural Club Council

The Intercultural Office has begun a council bringing representatives from all of the clubs representing different identities (religious, gender, race, ethnicity, etc.) on campus. There, the representatives speak about what their respective club is doing and specific concerns they have that they believe should be brought up with the council and the office. The council meets on a monthly basis. 

Men and Women of Color Dinners

Washington College has begun bringing men and women of color together in order to discuss what they experience on campus and how to better support each other during their time at Washington College. These panel discussions are on a monthly basis and attempt to bring as many men and women of color to find the best methods of how the Office of Intercultural Affairs and Washington College in general can best support them in their experience on campus and make  them feel like they are an integral part of the Washington College community. 

Safe Space

WC Safe SpaceThe Safe Space Program at Washington College strives to create an inclusive environment for all members of the campus community. Safe Space is a nationally recognized program that provides educational training designed to support and create a network of allies for the Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Gay, and Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) community on-campus. The Safe Space stickers displayed in offices, workplaces and student rooms provide a visible indication of faculty, staff, and students who have participated in the Safe Space training and gained knowledge about issues of sexual orientation and gender identity in the hopes of improving the campus climate. Through the Safe Space program, members of the community will serve as a resource to the LBGTQ+ community and may help those with questions or whom need assistance find the appropriate campus resource.

Participation in the safe space program is voluntary and open to all Washington College faculty, staff, and students.