Office of Intercultural Affairs

The Office of Intercultural Affairs selected this logo because it reflects our collective pulse that engages with members of the Washington College community across difference based on love and compassion for one another. Each fingerprint is unique and reflects the individuality of every human being. However, it is not enough to simply understand and even appreciate individuality; only through our full participation in and commitment to love, passion, empathy and moral courage can we charge the individual identity that every person brings with them to this campus to foster the development of global citizens ready to tackle all challenges ahead of them. Loving and embracing the difference that everyone brings to the Washington College community means identifying, unpacking, and challenging positions of power and privilege to create a more equitable and inclusive campus for all. 



The Office of Intercultural Affairs is committed to creating an inclusive environment essential for all students’ cultural development and academic success.

We are located in Caroline House (next door to Health Services). If you haven’t had a chance to drop by, please do!

In addition to providing a wealth of resources, our office also oversees several on-campus programs—including the Intercultural Student Overnight Experience, Diversity Café, and SafeSpace. We also work with the following campus clubs: Black Student Union, Cleopatra’s Sisters, EROS, Hillel, TaNGO, Spanish Club, and the WC Veterans Association. The office also has oversight of the Hillel House.