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Enrollment Reports

These reports present headcount enrollment information on the opening day of classes and the end of the drop/add period (official reporting date).

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Size and Shape of Faculty

The purpose of these departmental teaching and credit hour reports is to track the amount of teaching done by departments in the College in terms of full-time equivalence. A full-time equivalent, or FTE, is 12 credits taught in a semester, regardless of whether these credits are taught by full-time or adjunct faculty. Departmental FTEs are determined by instructors’ home departments.

Alongside FTE faculty, these reports examine total course enrollment, number of majors, and number of graduates by department. Both FTE and course enrollment are weighted so that courses with a lab component are given a 50 percent increase in credits counted and total enrollment. Independent study, internships and senior capstone courses are not included in FTE calculations. The interdisciplinary Environmental Science and Studies has additional adjustments as much of the teaching is done by faculty from other departments.

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