Offices & Services

Institutional Research


The mission of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is to enhance institutional effectiveness by providing information that supports and strengthens decision-making and planning processes at Washington College. The central objectives of the Office are to provide systematic, objective, timely, and accurate research in support of the College’s goals, planning, and decision-making.

To achieve these objectives, the Office has three primary areas of responsibility:

Policy Analysis, Evaluation, and Assessment

Collect, organize, and analyze institutional and other data to support institutional management and operations. Conduct special studies and survey analyses to support campus management and institutional effectiveness.  Support assessment and program evaluation processes through the provision of resources and data.

Management Support

Provide ongoing support for campus planning, enrollment management functions, and budget activities which meet the operational information needs of the College administration.

Internal and External Reporting

Provide and coordinate consistent reports to both internal offices and external agencies.  Maintain Washington College compliance with external reporting requirements of the Federal Government, the State of Maryland, national organizations, and public and private information services.

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment reports to the Provost and Dean of the College.

The University and College Accountability Network (U-CAN) is designed to give prospective students and their families concise, consumer-friendly information on individual colleges and universities. U-CAN will include significant information identified by policymakers as being important for accountability.  Please view the most recently updated U-CAN report about Washington College.