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Workplace Safety

It is the policy of Washington College to provide its employees and students with a safe and healthful work environment and to protect property from controllable hazards. The College‚Äôs goal is to minimize all recognizable hazards that may result in personal injury/illness, property damage/loss and business interruptions caused by accidents, fires or other hazards.

It is the intent of the College to comply with all federal, state and local health and safety laws/regulations. If an employee identifies a hazardous or potentially hazardous environment or situation, the employee is expected to report such observations to the Department of Public Safety (410-778-7810) immediately.

Employees are encouraged to sign up for WAC Alerts to receive text, email and phone messages regarding campus emergencies. 

Employees should also familiarize themselves with the Washington College Emergency Response Plan

Building Coordinators

Each building has a designated Building Coordinator. These are key personnel appointed for each building or facility to assist emergency planning and response departments during drills and in actual emergencies. Know you Building Coordinator!

Procedures for reporting an injury or incident

  • Workers Compensation

    Benefits include both paid time-off and payment of related medical expenses. The College will make payments for lost wages for the first 65 days; the College’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier will make subsequent payments for a portion of lost wages. Medical payments for necessary services are the liability of the College’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

    Compensation Schedule

    Day of Injury (day one): 100 percent of pay

    Day 2 through Day 65: 100 percent of pay

    After Day 65: 66 percent of pay

    Continuation of Benefits

    For the first 65 days, all of the employee’s benefits will continue. Additionally, leave will continue to accrue according to the usual schedule. After the 65th day, the employee will be considered on leave without pay.

    After Initial Medical Treatment

    The College’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier is responsible for case management after the initial medical treatment. The employee, however, should advise both the employee’s supervisor and Human Resources of his/her status.

    Return to Work

    Prior to returning to work, the employee must present a physician’s statement authorizing the return to work to the employee’s supervisor and to Human Resources.

  • What if I am the supervisor of an employee who is injured in the workplace?

    Supervisors should immediately assess the situation and determine if the employee needs medical attention.  You are responsible for notifying Human Resources and completing the Report of Injury. You also are responsible for addressing any unsafe condition that led to the accident. 

  • What should I do if I get injured at work?

    If you are hurt or injured in the course of your duties, notify your supervisor immediately. The supervisor will notify Human Resources, and initiate a Report of Injury that must be submitted within 72 hours. You will be responsible for completing an account of what happened on the first side of the Report of Injury. Your supervisor will be responsible for filing out side two, Supervisors Report of Injury or Accident.

Office Ergonomics

Do you have an  ergonomically correct work station?
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