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Moving to Maryland

Whether you are moving away from home for the first or re-locating to a new state, moving can be tough! This page includes resources, checklists and tips for new employees relocating to Maryland. 

Setting Up Utilities
  • Water and Waste Management-The Kent County Government administers the water and waste management in Chestertown. Visit the KCWWM site to learn more.
  • Recycling-Visit the Infinity Recycling site for more information about recycling programs and weekly recycling collection.  
  • Power-Power in Kent County is supplied by Delmarva Power. For more information about setting up power for your home, visit their Services page.
Bank Accounts

Need to set up a new bank account? The following banks have service branches in Chestertown:

Change of Address
Vehicle and Insurance Changes
  • Update your car insurance policy
  • Have your title transferred to Maryland (Cost: ~$6)
    • Note: May only be necessary if you have a car loan. A form is required.
  • Get your car inspected (Cost: ~$70)
    • Note: Kent County does not require emission inspection but some other near-by counties do require emission inspection.
  • Prepare documents and go to MVA to complete necessary changes
  • You will need proof of address (like a power bill) with your Maryland address to change anything over with your vehicle, so it will be about a month before you can do this step.  If you are an incoming faculty member, it would be best if you could do it before school starts, as the nearest MVA is about 45 minutes away.