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College Policies l On Call Pay Policy

On call policy is supplemental pay provided to non-exempt staff who, during off duty hours, must remain available for duty on short notice. This policy applies to maintenance mechanic group and the rotating on-call responsibly in Buildings and Grounds.

  1. During the on call week there will be a premium of $2.00 per hour for the base 40 hour week.
  2. The schedule two-hour boiler room and operating check on Saturday and Sunday will be at the regular overtime rate, no mileage reimbursement. A. A minimum of two hours, paid at the regular overtime rate.
  3. Emergency call backs from Public Safety will be:
  1. A minimum of two hours, paid at the regular overtime rate
  2. Actual mileage to and from the College will be reimbursed at the current rate per mile as established by college policy. 

4. A call back received while on campus does not restart the two hour minimum, only accrual time on campus is paid, and there is not a double mileage reimbursement, only actual miles driven.