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Managing and supervising employees is one of the most challenging yet satisfying portion of many positions at the College.  We have gathered resources to help you recruit, hire, train, mentor, coach, and manage those who work with and for you.

In addition to the resources below, the Office of Human Resources will provide manager training workshops annually. 


  • Recruitment and Employment

    For more information regarding the recruitment and employment of staff members please visit the Recruitment and Employment Procedures page.

  • Disciplinary Actions

    Disciplinary Action Form

    Disciplinary Action Form (fillable)

    Disciplinary and corrective action is a process to help employees overcome poor job performance, strengthen work performance and achieve success. In the case of minor work performance problems a private discussion between the supervisor and the employee is the first step in the positive discipline procedure.

    Supervisors should specify the job performance or conduct that is not acceptable and the actions necessary to correct the performance problem. Supervisors may use the Disciplinary Action Form to outline the problem and solutions.

    In instances of serious poor job performance or of repeated minor performance issues, written notice will be given to the employee and made part of the employee’s permanent personnel record that is maintained by Human Resources. Failure by an employee to be responsive to such written warnings will lead to further disciplinary action including suspension without pay and/or discharge.

    In the case of alleged serious misconduct, the employee will be suspended immediately (with pay) and required to leave the campus. Serious misconduct generally includes behavior or actions that could threaten the physical or mental well-being of members of the College community or the reputation or standing of the College.

    If an employee under your supervision commits serious misconduct, please discuss the incident(s) with your department head and the Director of Human Resources. Supervisors must formulate an action plan to include an investigation and interview(s) with the appropriate personnel. All meetings, findings, and outcomes will be documented in the employee’s personnel record that is maintained by Human Resources. The employee will be given the opportunity to see any written notices reporting disciplinary actions or any evaluations in his/her personnel file.

  • Supervisor Forms


    Performance Appraisal Program

  • Performance Review Program

    Staff Performance Review Instructions 2014


    Staff Performance Review Form:






    Word Document  


    WC’s Performance Review program provides the opportunity at least annually for an employee and supervisor to engage in a job performance interview which records performance recognition and improvement plans. It assists the supervisors in making decisions about merit increases, promotions and continuing employment. In addition, the appraisal process assists the College and its supervisors in the identification of training resource needs.

    Important note: To save PDFs after typing within them, you will need the full version of Acrobat Reader. Contact the OIT Help Desk for more information.

    Option 1

    Use Acrobat Reader to view, fill-in and print the appraisal forms. It’s usually included with web browsers, such as Netscape and Internet Explorer, but if you need it, contact the OIT Help Desk.

    Option 2

    Use a full copy of Adobe Acrobat (Windows or Mac) to view, fill-in, print and SAVE the filled in form. This will allow you to reopen it later to make changes, or to exchange it with someone else for editing. Adobe Acrobat is keyserved—detailed instructions on using keyserved applications on Macs and PCs are available from the OIT Help Desk.

    Option 3

    Use Acrobat Reader to view and print the appraisal forms. Fill them out offline, as you would fill out any paper form (ink or typewritten)

  • Employee Separation

    If an employee wishes to resign their position at Washington College, they should submit a letter in writing to you (the supervisor) and a copy to the Director of Human Resources in a timely fashion (normally at least two weeks prior to the last day of work) to permit the replacement process to be undertaken and to provide for an organized transition. A date for departure should be discussed with the supervisor and mutually agreed upon.


    An employee who plans to retire must notify you (the supervisor) and the Director of Human Resources as soon as possible. It can require three to four months to plan for the commencement of retirement benefits.


    A supervisor or department head may discharge an employee after a recommendation for discharge and documentation of the reasons for recommended discharge have been reviewed and approved by the Director of Human Resources.

    If the discharge of any employee has been approved, please schedule a meeting with the employee and the Director of Human Resources to inform the employee of the decision to terminate employment. The employee will be given an opportunity to respond and will be informed of the opportunity to file a written rebuttal with Human Resources.

    With your assistance, the Director of Human Resources will provide a Discharge Letter identifying the reason(s) for discharge. If the employee is unavailable to receive the Discharge Letter, it will be mailed to the employee at the address on file with Human Resources. An employee who disagrees with the grounds for termination may submit a written rebuttal to the Director of Human Resources within five days of the date of the Discharge Letter. The employee may also file a grievance with the Chief of Staff.

    Exit Process

    At the time of voluntary or involuntary termination of employment, the employee should meet

    with you, and followed by a meeting with Human Resources. You should collect the employee’s ID, keys and other College property and prepare an Exit Interview Form for the employee to sign. The employee should also complete an Exit Interview Questionnaire

    Last, the employee should schedule an Exit Interview with Human Resources that will include a discussion of any continuation of benefits options available to the employee. At the time of the Exit Interview, the Exit Clearance Form must be submitted to Human Resources, all property must be returned to the College, the employee account must be cleared. Human Resources must have completed the exit interview prior to the last day of work so that the final paycheck can be released on time.

  • Lynda Online Training for Supervisors is an online training library with detailed videos from professionals on a variety of topics from Conflict Resolution to software solutions. These videos are broken into easy to manage sections, allowing users to drill down to a specific topic and get the answers they need quickly. 

    To register for access to, please visit OIT’s Lynda page

    Below are some recommended training courses for Supervisors and Managers. Please note: You must be a registered user to access these courses. 


    Conflict Resolution

    Enhancing Productivity and Building Up Workers

    Thinking Like A Leader

    Leading Productive One-on-One Meetings

    Project Management Fundamentals

    Time Management


    For more training courses visit the Lynda Business Skills Library


  • Other Supervisor Resources