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Student employment is a significant way students can enhance their academic experience by applying practical learning on the job in a supportive and challenging setting.

Washington College has a 500+ student workforce. Student employees greatly enhance the College’s functioning by providing invaluable support to departments and contributing energy, creativity, and enthusiasm. Washington College is committed to supporting part-time, on-campus employment to benefit both the departments and programs of the College and the students they employ.

As mentors and learners, supervisors and students can build the foundation for professional career development.

New Student Employees

Got a job on campus? Click here to access required documents, important forms, policies and procedures.

Need a job on campus? 

  • Federal Work Study Program

    The Federal Work-Study Program offers eligible students work opportunities both on and off-campus.  Eligible students receive offers of part time employment at Washington College as part of their financial aid award package upon completion of the need-based financial aid award process.  Federal Work-Study students must be given first consideration for jobs on campus in order to assist in fulfilling their financial need. 


    For more information about the Federal Work-Study program, please visit Financial Aid. Any questions specific to the Federal Work-Study program should be forwarded to the Office of Student Aid at (410) 778-7214.

Student Employment News


Recent Washington College graduates reflect back on their experiences as student workers.

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