Human Resources

Student Employee Paypack

Student Paypack

The Student Paypack is a packet of employment forms that Washington College requires all student employees to complete in order to work and receive payment. All forms must be completed entirely and submitted to the Business Office before the student employee begins working.

Students may obtain a copy of the Student Paypack from the Business Office or the forms may be downloaded below. 

International Students: There are additional forms and procedures for International Students who wish to work on campus. Please visit the Office of International Students for more information. 

Minors: Students under the age of 18 who wish to work on campus must submit a Maryland Minor Work Permit. Please visit the Minor Work Permit page for more information. 

1. Form I-9

Federal Regulation requires that Washington College completes a Form I-9 for every person hired. The Form I-9 must be completed in person. Please review the instructions and be prepared to provide acceptable forms of identity and employment eligibility within 3 business days of your hire date. Note: Photocopies and scans will not be accepted. Click here to view list of identification that the government accepts.

Identification can be presented in the following combination:

One document from LIST A 


One document from LIST B and one document from LIST C (total of 2 documents)

What if I don’t have any of the required identification with me?

If you do not have the required original forms of identification with you, your parents will need to mail them. Identification can be mailed directly to you (the student), or mailed to our office. We recommend that documentation is mailed overnight with a tracking number. Once identification is received by our office, it can either be returned to you (the student) or the Office of Human Resources can mail it back to your parents free of charge (overnight with a tracking number). 

2. State & Federal Withholding Forms

Our offices cannot advise any employee on what to claim for taxes. Please consult your parents or a certified accountant if you have questions about taxes.

Please fill in your HOME address (not your WC address), check marital status, and clearly print your exemptions for both  Federal and State. 

3. Direct Deposit Authorization

Washington College pays all employees via Direct Deposit. In addition to the completed direct deposit form, employees are required to submit official verification of their account. 

Acceptable forms of account verification:

-Voided check

-A letter from your bank on their official letterhead which states your name, account number, account type and routing number. This letter must be signed by a bank employee. 

-An official Direct Deposit form from your bank which states your name, account number and routing number. 

Your bank may email account verification to

Documents that we do not accept:

-Deposit slips

-Bank or ATM cards

-Account statements

-Documents with hand written account or routing numbers. 

4. Confidentiality Agreement

Sign and date. 

5. Driver’s License or Photo ID

In addition to your identification for the Form I-9, please bring your Driver’s License or official state/government issued Photo ID.