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Student Employee Supervisor Forms


To ensure that students are paid correctly and timely, please verify that all information is complete and accurate before submitting authorizations. 

Hiring a Current Washington College Student

To hire a current Washington College student for the summer only, complete a Student Employment Authorization.  Note:  the student will remain in a “student” status moving from “regular student” to “summer student”.   Students move from regular student status to summer student status the Saturday after the last finals in Spring and summer student status ends the first Friday in August.  For questions regarding student, status contact the Student Employment Office and speak with the Assistant Director of Student Employment, Darlene Ashley.

Terminating a Student Employee or Ending Payment

To terminate a student employee and/or end payment, complete the Authorization To Terminate Student Employee/Stop Payment.

Hiring A Washington College May Graduate for the Summer

To hire a Washington College student who graduates in May, for the summer only, in a temporary, non-benefit eligible status, the hiring office must then complete a Personnel Change Form to change the status of the employee from student to temporary then complete all areas of the Personnel Change Form that apply then submit for signed authorization and send the completed form to the Office of Human Resources. 

NOTE:  To hire a Washington College graduate in the fall following their graduation to a benefit eligible position, the alumni must participate in the same recruitment and employment processes as any other job candidate by first applying to the vacancy on Consensus.  If the graduate is considered for an interview they must follow the same process as other applicants including the interview process, reference checks and a criminal background check. If offered employment, they are required to complete the new employee paypack to change their status in the payroll system.  Hiring Officials must also complete a Personnel Change Form to change their employment status and process with signatures to complete the hiring process.

Hiring A High School Student or a College Student Not Attending Washington College

To hire a student who attends high school or another college (is not a current Washington College student) the hiring official should complete a Staff Employment Authorization and the student must complete a college application and is subject to a criminal background check.  Once the criminal background check has cleared the student can be offered employment and must complete the new employee paypack.  The hiring official should contact the Employment and Recruitment Coordinator with questions about the hiring process.