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Staff Council


1. The Director of Human Resources, in conjunction with the Senior Staff, determines the number and grouping of employees to be represented.

2. The Director of Human Resources will meet with each group of employees to inform them about Staff Council and explain the election process.

3. The Director of Human Resources will conduct an election in each group in accordance with the following procedures: each group of employees will nominate one or more members to serve as the employee representative. The nominees who meet the eligibility requirement of one year of continuous service with the College will be voted upon. The nominee receiving the highest number of the votes cast shall be designated as the employee representative. The nominee receiving the second highest number of votes cast shall be designated an alternate to attend the meeting in place of the representative as the need arises, and assume the role of the representative should the elected representative abdicate his/her responsibilities. The names of the representatives and alternates will be posted on the Human Resources website.

4. Elected representatives will serve a two-year term and are eligible for re-election. Special elections may be held in cases when terms of office of both the representative and the alternate cannot be completed or when two-thirds of the represented employees petition the Director of Human Resources for replacement of a representative in the office.

5. Elected representatives are expected to attend all scheduled meetings. Should an employee representative fail to attend the majority of scheduled council meetings in any given year, the Alternate will be appointed to replace the Representative, and the employee group will select a new Alternate for the remainder of the term.

6. Representatives’ and Alternates’ terms run from January 1st through December 31 of the next year. Term of service will be even/odd for: Academics, Administration Services, Advancement, Athletics, Buildings and Grounds, and Dining Services. Term of service will be odd/even for: Academics, Athletics, Buildings & Grounds, Dining Services, Enrollment & CRM, and Student Engagement.