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 For faculty recruitment procedures  please contact the Provost’s Office. 

Discrimination Policy

Recruitment and Employment Procedures

1. Vacant Positions

Hiring officials are responsible for completing the in its entirety, providing job responsibilities and qualifications for the position and then forwarding this documentation to Human Resources to begin the recruitment process.

2. Application Process

Upon approval of the recruitment authorization, Human Resources will post all vacant positions on the College website and determine additional advertising venues. Applicants must apply through our online applicant portal, Consensus, in order for Human Resources to capture data.

3. Applicant  Review

The hiring official will determine the members of the search committee. Members should have frequent interactions with this position and be familiar with the operation and needs of the department. Human Resources will create the profiles on Consensus. Once profiles are established, Human Resources will provide the committee members with their login ID, password. Committee members have access to all applicant materials and the ability to rank applicants, which determines the most qualified candidates for interviewing.

4. Selection Process

Hiring officials will conduct interviews with the most qualified applicants. Applicants interviewed should meet the minimum requirements of the position. The selection committee should not interview applicants that do not meet the minimum qualifications.  

During the interview process the applicants must complete a Washington College Employment Application in full if they have not already done so, they may not write “see resume” on the application. The hiring official should proceed with reference checks for the top three candidates  and document all information received/discussed during the reference check summary.  When reference checks are completed, the following documents must be sent to Human Resources for the top three candidates:

Once these documents are received in Human Resources, the top candidate’s qualifications will be reviewed, discussed with the hiring official, and a salary will be determined.

5. Employment Offer

Once a salary is determined, Human Resources will notify the hiring official and they should proceed with the completion of the Employment Authorization Form in its entirety and forward to Human Resources. As soon as the Employment Authorization form is received, an offer of employment will be extended to the candidate. Only the Provost or Human Resources may extend a written employment offer. All employment offers are contingent upon successful completion of a criminal background check and other applicable hiring procedures. If the criminal background check results are unsatisfactory, the offer will be revoked. If the criminal background check results are satisfactory, Human Resources will send an employment offer letter and the employee will be scheduled for orientation. The employee must visit the Office of Human Resources to complete the pay pack before their first day of work.


Recruitment Forms

Consensus Search Committee Portal

Search Committee Log-In: https://highereddecisions.com/wcm/committee/Committee_Login.asp

Consensus Quick Start Guide

Consensus User Guide