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For faculty recruitment procedures please contact the Provost’s Office. 

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Recruitment Guide

  • Requesting New Positions

    All requests to create new positions must be completed and submitted to the Office of Human Resources by November 1st. Prior to November 1, the Department Head with the approval of the appropriate Vice President will have developed an approved job description and justification in conjunction with the Office of Human Resources. After November 1, the Office of Human Resources will establish a pay grade and hiring range for the position and compile documentation on all requests to present to Senior Staff. At the Senior Staff meeting in November (early December) Senior Staff will review requests for additional positions and develop a ranking system to determine a funding priority list. The funding priority list will become an element in the initial budget projections in January.

    Justification for a new position may be made on the following basis:

    -The position is necessary for implementation of the Strategic Plan. In these cases the justification must include;

    -Identification of the goals and tactics to be accomplished,

    -A clear relationship between goals and job duties,

    -An explanation of why the goals and objectives will not be completed without the new positions.

    Benchmark data should be included in the justification.

    -Work load increases may require new positions. In these cases increased work load must be documented and efforts to streamline processes and procedures to avoid adding staff should be included.

    -For example, as new buildings come on live we must document the potential need for new housekeeping staff. Also, as the percentage of students with disabilities increase, we need to document the need for additional staff to serve students.

    -For example, we have observed increase in what the Federal Government expects for 504, Title IX, and Safety Enforcement, and the College will need to continue to monitor these and many other compliance issues. Justification in this case should include benchmark data, specifically how other schools are resolving the many compliance issues faced by Colleges.

    -For example, the case for creating a Purchasing Agent position would be based on a requisite estimated cost savings from the College’s operating budget. In this example, such an estimate could be developed from benchmark data or from savings based on discount from retail office supply chains.

    -Compliance with new Federal and State regulations may require additional staff.

    -A justification may focus on Return on Investment (ROI). ROI may be based on demonstrated cost savings or revenue enhancements. Revenue Enhancement justifications should be articulated on the basis of benchmark data on similar positions at comparable Colleges. All positions justified on the basis of ROI should be reviewed annually to assess the continuing need for the position.

    A position justification may involve any one or more of the methods identified above.

    Following review by Senior Staff, decisions regarding the requests will be issued to Requesting Officials. If the request for the new position is approved, the Requesting Official should proceed with the Recruitment process. If the request for the new position is not approved, the Requesting Official may revise the proposal and re-submit by November 1 the following fiscal year. The Requesting Official and Department Head/VP should meet with Human Resources to determine course of action to meet the needs of the department. 

  • Establishing a Search Committee

    The Hiring Official must establish a Search Committee to assist with the selection process for each vacancy. Hiring Officials are encouraged to select 3-7 members of the college community to serve on the search committee, several of which should be from the department of vacancy. The Hiring Official must indicate the Search Committee and the Search Committee Secretary in Section C. of the Staff Recruitment Authorization

  • Initiation of the Search

    Hiring Officials are responsible for completing the Staff Recruitment Authorization in its entirety, updating job responsibilities and qualifications for the position within the job description and then forwarding this documentation to the Office of Human Resources to begin the recruitment process. 

  • Advertising and Recruiting

    The chair of the search committee/Hiring Official is responsible for the determining the placement of advertisements for the position. Advertising sources should be indicated in Section C. of the Staff Recruitment Authorization. Funding for all staff vacancy advertisements is provided by the Office of Human Resources. Electronic advertising resources ought to be employed whenever available and appropriate. The Office of Human Resources will place the advertisements as requested by the Hiring Official. The Hiring Official may provide text for the advertisements, however in most cases the Employment and Compensation Coordinator will draft the advertisement based on the job description to include the following:

    1. Title and rank of the position, specifying full-time, part time or temporary.

    2. Brief description of the position.

    3. Minimum as well as special qualifications required.

    4. Required application materials (c.v., graduate school transcripts, a cover letter with statement of interest, and three letters of recommendation).

    5. Specifications as to how the applicant applies and by what deadline, if applicable.


  • Application Process

    All applicants must apply electronically though the Consensus applicant portal, including internal applicants. Paper applications and unsolicited application materials will not be accepted. Applicants must complete the electronic application and upload a Cover Letter, Resume, and Reference contact sheet to be considered. Please note: If an applicant has not uploaded these documents and/or submitted the application, the application will appear as “incomplete” in Consensus.

    Once the applicant submits the application, they will receive a confirmation email containing a confirmation number and the following message:

    “Dear Colleague: 

    On behalf of Washington College, we would like to thank you for your interest in employment at our institution. This email confirms that your application materials have been properly downloaded through our on-line applicant portal, Consensus. Your materials will be reviewed by the search committee established for this position. Any future correspondence will be sent to you directly from the search committee chair or hiring official.

    Notification is not given to a candidate when they are no longer being considered for a position. When a position has been filled, it is closed on Consensus and removed from the Washington College website. If you have any questions regarding our search process, feel free to contact the Office of Human Resources at or 410.778.7298.

    Thank you,

    Washington College

    Office of Human Resources”

    Hiring Officials may create their own confirmation email to replace the message above via the Email Confirmation feature on the Vacancy menu in Consensus. 

  • Recruitment Expenses

    Candidates scheduled for interviews are eligible to receive travel reimbursement from the College. The Hiring Official should arrange to bring a candidate from/to the airport/train station if necessary. The Hiring Official is also responsible for arranging housing for candidates, using campus facilities if possible. Meal costs should be reasonable (using the College’s dining hall facilities whenever appropriate). Air/train travel will be reimbursed at coach fare rates. Reimbursement is made to the candidate after he/she submits the original receipts and inventory of expenses to the Hiring Official using the reimbursement forms found on the Business Office page.

  • Candidate Selection for Interviews

    The search committee will review applicant materials through Consensus and meet to select 3-5 candidates for further consideration and interview.  Applicants interviewed must meet the minimum requirements of the position, including the College’s minimum requirement of a High School Diploma or GED. The search committee may not interview applicants that do not meet the minimum qualifications.  

    Washington College policy prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, marital status, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, handicap, or other factors prohibited by law. All involved in the search must also observe the regulations of the EEOC that prohibit all questions, direct or indirect, both to candidates and references, about the above characteristics.

  • Interview Process

    The principle of interviewing is to provide an exchange of information, to learn as much as we can about the candidate while providing ample opportunity for the candidate to learn about the department, Washington College, and Chestertown. The Hiring Official should contact the top 3-5 candidates to schedule an interview on campus. The interview process should include a group interview with the search committee and the Hiring Official. Campus interviews may also include a campus tour and additional meetings with individuals outside of the search committee as determined by the Hiring Official.

    Interview questions are listed on the Interview Questions Form. Space is provided following each question to record responses and notes.

    During the interview process the applicant must complete a WC Employment Application in full. The applicant may not write “see resume” on the application.

    The following guidelines for interviewers have been developed by the MLA Job Information Service. They should be brought to the attention of all who are asked to interview candidates:




    • Read C.V. in advance
    • Ask about age
    • Review job requirements in advance
    • Ask about marital status
    • Outline points to be covered in advance
    • Ask about children
    • Ensure freedom from interruption
    • Ask about religion
    • Establish and maintain a pleasant atmosphere
    • Ask about national origin
    • Ask open-ended questions
    • Be patronizing
    • Describe working conditions, course load, other duties, etc.
    • Ask for information already in dossier
    • Elicit reasons for candidate’s interest in this particular job
    • Ask leading questions
    • Be polite and courteous
    • Ask yes or no questions, if they can be avoided
    • Try to put candidate at ease
    • Get off on tangents
    • Be aware of your own biases
    • Do all the talking
    • Ask specific questions to elicit facts
    • Describe the job in negative terms
    • Elicit all relevant information
    • Oversell the position
    • Explore areas such as education, experience, special interests or skills, future expectations
    • Intimidate candidates or prevent candidate from asking questions
    • Assess strengths and weaknesses
    • Downgrade other institutions
    • Maintain eye contact
    • Physically touch the candidate other than handshake
    • Allow candidate’s questions


    • Make sure to listen carefully


    • Ask follow-up questions for clarification or further details


    • Provide clear picture of job


    • Explain operation of school and department


  • Reference Checks and Final Selection

    When the top candidates have been interviewed, the department should meet to determine its ranking of candidates and recommendation for hire.  Factors to be considered include: quality of the candidates responses, fit for the department, candidate’s potential contributions to the institution, and ways in which a candidate represents diversity.

    The Hiring Official should proceed with reference checks for the top three candidates  and document all information received/discussed during on the Reference Check Summary.  Hiring Officials must contact three of the references provided by the applicant to conduct references checks. No more than one of reference may be a personal reference. 

  • Search Documentation

    When reference checks are completed, the following documents must be sent to Human Resources for the top three candidates:

    ·Cover Letter and Resume

    ·Completed WC Employment Application

    ·Reference Check Question Summaries

    ·Interview Questions Form

  • Background Check

    Once these documents are received by the Office of Human Resources, the candidate’s qualifications will be reviewed and discussed with the Hiring Official. If the Office of Human Resources is satisfied with the top candidate, the Employment and Compensation Coordinator will process the background check. Background checks include; degree and education verification; criminal records 7 years from the submission date; sex offender registry; and Social Security trace.

    Background check processing time varies depending upon the candidate’s qualifications and education. Typically background checks are started within 72 business hours of submission. Please allow 3-6 weeks for candidates with primary residence and degrees/certifications earned outside of the United States.

    If the background check is returned and found to be satisfactory, the Office of Human Resources will notify the Hiring Official. If the background check returned indicates criminal or fraudulent activity, the Employment and Compensation Coordinator will begin the background check process for the second candidate. 

  • Offer of Employment

    Once the background check has cleared and the salary has been determined, the Employment and Compensation Coordinator will notify the Hiring Official and they should proceed with the completion of the Staff Employment Authorization Form in its entirety. The completed Staff Employment Authorization Form must be approved by the Budget Director or VP for Finance then submitted to the Office of Human Resources. Please note: If the Staff Employment Authorization Form is submitted to the Office of Human Resources and it is found to be incomplete, it will be returned to the Hiring Official. In most cases, this will delay the processing of the new hire.

    A verbal offer of employment may be extended only after the background check has been cleared by Human Resources. When the Staff Employment Authorization Form is received, a written offer of employment will be extended to the candidate. Only the Provost or Human Resources may extend a written employment offer. Written offers are only extended to full-time and/or benefit-eligible hires. Part-time temporary employees are not extended a written offer of employment. 

  • Start Dates and New Employee Orientation

    Hiring Officials must determine the start date based on the new employee’s availability and the needs of the department. The start date must be indicted in section C. of the Staff Employment Authorization Form.

    All benefit-eligible employees must attend New Employee Orientation. New Employee Orientation is generally scheduled for the third Thursday of each month. New Employee Orientation dates can be found on the Recruitment page. Employees hired within a certain month must attend New Employee Orientation that month, even if the date of Orientation falls before the new employee’s start date. Benefits are effective for new employees on the first day following the month of their start date. For example, an employee hired on November 25, 2013 must attend New Employee Orientation scheduled on November 14, 2013 and their benefits will be effective on December 1st, 2013. 

  • New Employee On-boarding

    All new hires must report to HR on their first day of work prior to reporting to their supervisor. Human Resources staff will meet with the new employee to formally welcome them to Washington College and ensure that all necessary paperwork is complete. During this time new employees will claim their Washington College account and begin the process to receive a Staff ID.

    New employees are eligible to receive an ID and access within 24-48 hours after entry into the payroll system. Please see below for access information:

    -Staff ID- Obtained at Public Safety during College operating hours

    -Office/building keys- Obtained at Public Safety during College operating hours

    -Parking passes- Obtained at Public Safety during College operating hours

    -Email/Canvas/Webadvisor- New employees must claim their account via the Self-Service portal. Instructions are available on the New Employee page.

    -Phone- OIT Helpdesk 410-778-7777


  • Employment Forms to be Completed by the New Employee

    The employee must visit the Office of Human Resources to complete the pay pack prior to their first day of work. The pay pack contains the following required documents:

    1. New Employee Information Sheet

    2. Form I-9

    Please note: The Form I-9 must be completed in person. At the time of hire, all new employees are required by law to present original forms of identification to a Human Resources representative.  Copies will not be accepted. For a list of approved identification, please see page 5 of the Form I-9. 

    3.  State & Federal Tax Withholding Form

    4. Direct Deposit Authorization

    Please note: Formal verification of the account is required for direct deposit. Acceptable verification includes a voided check or an official letter from the bank which provides the account number and the bank’s routing number. 

    5. Mobile Technology Device Policy

    6. Confidentiality Agreement

    7. Driver’s License or Photo ID

  • Notification of Applicants

    Once the final selection has been made, the position offer has been extended, and a candidate has accepted the offer, the position will be removed from the Employment Opportunities page and Consensus. The Office of Human Resources does not notify unsuccessful candidates of hiring decisions. Notification of unsuccessful candidates is not required.  If the Hiring Official wishes to notify unsuccessful candidates, they may do so in the method of their own choosing. The Email Applicants feature within Consensus allows Hiring Officials to email all unsuccessful applicants. Instructions for this feature are found in the Secretary Consensus Guide. 

  • New Employee ID, Email and Access

    To gain access to email, office and to receive a Staff ID, new employees must be entered into the payroll system. To enter the new employee into the payroll system, all of the following processes must be completed and documents received:

    -New hire has applied for the vacancy through Consensus

    -Completed WC Application For Employment

    -Reference Check Summaries

    -Cover Letter and Resume

    -Cleared background check

    -Staff Employment Authorization Form

    -Completed New Employee Paypack

    -Signed offer letter (benefit-eligible and contract employees)

    New employees are generally entered into the payroll system within 72 hours of receiving all completed documents. However, entry time may vary depending upon the new employees’ start date and other factors. Hiring Officials should allow a minimum of 1 week for processing. 

  • Hiring Non Washington College Undergraduate Students

    To hire a student who attends high school or another college (is not a current Washington College student) the hiring official should complete a Staff Employment Authorization and the student must complete a college employment application and is subject to a criminal background check.  Once the criminal background check has cleared the student can be offered employment and must complete the new employee paypack.  The hiring official should contact the Employment and Recruitment Coordinator with questions about the hiring process.    

  • Hiring Minors

    Hiring Officials who wish to hire an applicant who is a minor should not that the minor must possess or obtain a Maryland Minor Work Permit. The Permit must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources with all other employment forms. 

  • Hiring Current Washington College Students

     To hire a current Washington College student for the summer only, complete a Student Employment Authorization.  Note:  the student will remain in a “student” status moving from “regular student” to “summer student”.   Students move from regular student status to summer student status the Monday after graduation and continue in a “summer student status” through the second week of August.  For questions regarding student status contact the Business Office and speak with the PR Specialist, Marla Thomas.

  • Hiring Incoming Washington College Students

    Hiring Officials who wish to hire incoming Washington College students for temporary positions should note that they must be processed as a new Staff hire. To work for the college prior to matriculating as a student, they must complete the WC Application For Employment, pass the criminal background check and complete a New Employee Paypack. Hiring Officials must also complete a Staff Employment Authorization Form to initiate the hiring process. If the incoming student is a minor, they must also submit a Maryland Minor Work Permit. Once they have officially matriculated as a Washington College student, their status will change to “Student Employee.” To continue employment within the department, Hiring Officials must complete a Student Employment Authorization Form

  • Hiring Washington College Recent Graduates

    To hire a Washington College student who graduates in May, for the summer only, complete a Student Employment Authorization (SEA) and note that the graduating student will remain in a “student” status (summer student) for the summer following graduation.

    If the employee continues in the fall in a temporary, non-benefit eligible status, the hiring office must then complete a Personnel Change Form to change the status of the employee from student to temporary then complete all areas of the Personnel Change Form that apply then submit for signed authorization and send the completed form to the Office of Human Resources. 

    NOTE:  To hire a Washington College graduate in the fall following their graduation to a benefit eligible position, the alumni must participate in the same recruitment and employment processes as any other job candidate by first applying to the vacancy on Consensus.  If the graduate is considered for an interview they must follow the same process as other applicants including the interview process, reference checks and a criminal background check. If offered employment, they are required to complete the new employee paypack to change their status in the payroll system.  Hiring Officials must also complete a Personnel Change Form to change their employment status and process with signatures to complete the hiring process.


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