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Qualifying Life Events

Generally, you may only make or change your existing benefit elections during the open enrollment window.  However, you may change your benefit elections during the year if you experience an event such as:


  • Marriage
  • Divorce or legal separation
  • Birth of your child or your domestic partner’s child
  • Death of your spouse, domestic partner or dependent child
  • Adoption of or placement for adoption of your child
  • Change in employment status of employee, spouse/domestic partner or dependent child
  • Qualification by the Plan Administrator of a child support order for medical coverage
  • New entitlement to Medicare of Medicaid

You must notify Human Resources within 30 days of a qualifying event.  Depending on the type of event, you may need to provide proof of the event, such as a marriage license. 

 Domestic Partner Definition:

Your domestic partner is eligible for benefits if he or she is not a relative and has lived with you for at least six months in a committed relationship. For more information about domestic partner benefits, contact Human Resources