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Staff Performance Reviews

Purpose of Performance Reviews

The performance review is intended to be a fair and balanced assessment of an employee’s performance. It is a time for supervisors and employees to review the performance of last year, give and receive feedback, clarifying job duties, stating management’s expectations, and set goals and expected accomplishments (outcomes) for the coming year.  Remember, setting goals and accomplishments and monitoring progress is only a part of the performance review process. Helping people achieve desired outcomes is our ultimate goal.

Essential Elements of Performance Reviews
  1. Supervisor reviews the employee’s job duties for evaluation (using the position description). The purpose of this review is to identify the job duties to be evaluated. It is not intended to be a review of the position description for a change in grade level.
  2. Supervisor and employee discuss the Performance Review Form. The process must include one-on-one discussion between the supervisor and employee, both being full participants.
  3. Timeliness: Performance Review must be submitted to the Office of Human Resources by August 16, 2019
  4. Documentation: The Performance Review Form  and any additional documents that either the supervisor or the employee wants included in the employee’s permanent personnel file should be sent to the Office of Human Resources. (Human Resources reserves the right to determine what is appropriate to include.)


The Performance Review Form
Section I, II and III. Employee Comments

The employee should complete the self-evaluation items in sections I-III prior to the performance review meeting and send the form to his/her supervisor. If additional space is needed please attach a separate sheet.

Section I, II and III. Supervisor Comments

The supervisor should review the employee comments in sections I-III and then include comments in the spaces provided. If additional space is needed please attach a separate sheet.

Section IV. Performance Expectations

The Performance Expectations section is designed to record the results of the employee’s evaluation. Prior to the review meeting with the employee, review and record an overall evaluation in the areas of accomplishments; service and relationships; accountability and dependability; adaptability and flexibility; and decision making/problem solving.

  • Accomplishments- Evaluate the employee’s outcomes in performing identified duties/areas of responsibilities. Use the Position Description or departmental goals and objectives to identify specific duties/areas of responsibilities.
  • Service & Relationships Evaluate the employee’s accomplishments in the areas of student or customer service, communication and interpersonal skills, diversity, and teamwork.
  • Accountability & Dependability- Evaluate the employee’s accomplishments in contributing to the effectiveness of the department and the overall mission of the College. Note, time off approved under FMLA may not be considered as detracting from an employee’s contributions.
  • Adaptability & Flexibility- Evaluate the employee’s accomplishments in dealing effectively with additional responsibilities, learning innovative techniques and applying them to his/her job, and participating in appropriate training and development opportunities,
  • Decision Making & Problem Solving Evaluate the employee’s accomplishments in making decisions, following safe work practices, and complying with college policies. If the employee performs a managerial function, evaluate his/her outcomes to manage human and fiscal resources effectively, developing goals and achieving outcomes that support the College’s mission, and modeling and expecting appropriate work place behavior from employees.
  • Comments: This section should be used as documentation for the Consistently Exceeds and/or Rarely Achieves Expectations ratings.
  • Evaluate areas that need development/ improvement. The supervisor’s action and the employee’s action must be developed in writing and discussed.
Section V. Overall Performance

The supervisor should rate the employee’s overall job performance. Note that the overall rating is not the sum of ratings from page 1. It is OVERALL job performance rating. After this section has been completed, the Supervisor must sign the review in Section VI. The performance review must be discussed with and signed by the Department Head or Director in Section VI.

Performance Review Meeting

Supervisors must meet with the employee following completion of the review form. Supervisors should discuss each item on the performance review and include any additional comments or concerns on the final page of the review form in the space provided.

Section VII. Supervisor Review Checklist

Supervisors must indicate that the following topics have been addressed during the review:

  • Job Duties and Performance Expectations
  • Plan for Professional Development
  • Fiscal Year work plan
Section VIII. Employee Review Checklist

Employees must indicate that the following items have been completed during the review:

  • Job Duties and Performance Expectations have been discussed
  • The employee has discussed concerns with the supervisor
  • The employee has received a copy of the performance review
Additional Comments, Questions and Concerns from the Employee

If the employee has additional comments, questions or concerns during the review, they should record them on the final page of the review form in the space provided. If an employee disagrees with their review, it should be noted in the space provided.

Section IX. Signatures

The Supervisor and Employee under review must sign to certify that the performance review has been completed.

Please note: The Supervisor must keep a copy of the Performance Review Form and the employee must be provided with a copy. The signed original must be returned to the Office of Human Resources.