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College Policies I Parental Leave Policy


An employee who a) is eligible for family and medical leave under the College’s policy; and b) gives birth to a child, or is the parent of a newborn (co-resident) child, or adopts a child, is eligible for parental leave.

Leave Period

Parental leave provides up to 15 weeks of paid leave at the same rate of pay that would have normally been received during that period. The 15 weeks of paid leave runs concurrently with any leave available to the employee under the Family and Medical Leave Act. If both parents of the child are employees of the College who qualify for this benefit, only one leave will be granted, but the 15 weeks of the parental leave may be divided between two consecutive time periods selected by the parents.

For Staff employees, the 15-week period commences on the earlier of the first day of disability or the day of childbirth or adoption. Staff employees are not required to use accrued leave, but do not accrue additional leave during the 15-week period.

Faculty employees may elect one of three options for the leave:

  1. Beginning at the time of disability, birth or adoption. The total of 15 weeks may be divided between the fall and spring semesters.
  2. During the semester in which the birth or adoption is expected. Or;
  3. During the fall semester, if the birth occurs in late spring or during the summer and leave was not taken in the spring semester.

For faculty, the summer weeks are not counted as part of the 15 weeks of leave.

Faculty and Staff expecting to use parental leave must arrange with the Provost and Dean and/or supervisor for duties or assignments during the portions of semesters not covered by their leave, if any.

Parental Leave must be approved in advance by the Office of Human Resources. Failure to complete the necessary FMLA application prior to the start of Parental Leave will result in denial of the paid leave.