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New Student Employees

Congratulations on your student employment at Washington College! Before you begin working, new Student Employees must review the Student Employee Handbook and submit required employment forms. 

New Student Employee Paypack——————————

Check out the New Student Employee Paypack step-by-step guide!

The New Student Employee Paypack  is a packet of employment forms that Washington College requires all student employees (including Federal Work-Study) to complete in order to work and receive payment. 

All forms must be completed entirely and submitted to the Office of Student Employment before the student employee begins working.

Visit the New Student Employee Paypack page for the required forms and policies. Please note: if you have worked on campus before you are not required to submit a new paypack. 

Are you under 18? 

In addition to the New Student Paypack, students who have not yet reached the age of 18 are required to have a Maryland Minor Work Permit. Information on applying for a Maryland Minor Work Permit can be found on the Minor Work Permit page.

Are you an International Student?

In addition to the New Student Paypack, International students will need to present an I-20 document and visa for the purpose of verification. International students will also need to apply for a Social Security card. For additional employment policies and guidelines for international students, please visit the Global Education Office.

How To Get Paid——————————————-

All student employees are paid via Direct Deposit to the bank account provided on the Direct Deposit Authorization form included in the New Student Employee Paypack.

Want your paycheck to be posted to your student account? Students who wish to have part or all of their paycheck posted to their student account must complete a Payroll Deduction Form (not available online). Please note: before you can complete this form, you must complete and submit a paypack. Your supervisor must also submit a Student Employment Authorization to authorize you to work on campus. Payroll deductions are only active for one academic year and must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year.

Contact the Office of Student Employment to schedule an appointment to complete a Payroll Deduction Form. 

Hourly Student Employees

All hourly student employees (including Federal Work-Study) must record hours worked on a student timesheet. 

Federal Work-Study student employees must use the timesheets provided to your supervisor by the Office of Financial Aid. Please note: Federal Work-Study hours submitted on regular timesheets will not be accepted.

Regular non-Federal Work-Study student employees must use regular student timesheets to submit hours worked. 

Submitting Timesheets

Timesheets must be signed by your supervisor before they can be submitted. To ensure you are paid, you must complete a timesheet and submit according to the Student Payroll Schedule. Timesheets must be submitted to the Payroll Department located in the Business Office at Bunting Hall according to the dates on this schedule. It is the student’s responsibility to submit their timesheet in a timely manner. Please note: Timesheets are due to the Business Office by 3:00pm on the due date.

What if I don’t turn my timesheet in on time?

If a timesheet is submitted past the 3:00pm deadline, you will not be paid for those hours worked until the following pay date. 

Non-hourly Student Employees

Stipends are used to pay a student for special projects or other work that is not considered hourly (for example, Student Government Officers are paid via stipend). These student employees do not submit timesheets. The stipend is disbursed to their personal bank account. 

If you are unsure if you will be paid hourly our via a stipend, please contact your supervisor. 

Working on Campus——————————————-

Work Schedules

Work schedules will be determined by the supervisor and the student. Students are not permitted to work during their scheduled class periods. Supervisors should request and maintain on file copies of student employee’s class schedules each semester. 

If an employee works more than five hour shift, they are required to take a 30 minute break. The break period is unpaid

Injuries on the Job

If you are injured performing job duties, notify your supervisor immediately regardless of the severity of the injury. They will help you seek medical attention and complete an injury report. If your supervisor is not available or in case of emergency contact the Office of Public Safety 410-778-7810. 

Evaluation of Job Performance

Supervisors will perform annual evaluations of your job performance. Exceptional student employees that are in good academic standing and have worked for their department/supervisor  for a minimum of two semesters are eligible for the Student Employee of the Year Award. Students must be nominated by their supervisor. 


Please contact the Office of Student Employment (410.810.7490) if you have any questions regarding the Student Employment Process.