Human Resources

Minor Work Permits

All student employees that are under the age of 18 must obtain and possess a Maryland Minor Work Permit at the time of employment. A valid work permit must be presented to the Office of Human Resources and a copy will retained for the employment file. Note: Minor Work Permits issued by other states will not be accepted.

To obtain a Maryland Minor Work Permit, please follow the steps below. More information regarding Maryland employment laws and Minor Work Permits can be found on the official Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation webpage.

To apply for a Maryland Minor Work Permit

  1. Download and print the Minor Work Permit Application.
  2. Complete “To the Minor” section
  3. Sign and date
  4. Obtain parent or Guardian’s signature
  5. Present the application to the Office of Human Resources. A Human Resources representative will complete the “Employer” section.
  6. Using a computer workstation click to go to the online application system and fill in the requested information from the hard copy of the application.
  7. Print the receipt.
  8. Present the following materials to the Office of Human Resources:
    • Completed Minor Work Permit Application
    • Receipt of submission from step 7.
    • Proof of Age: Any of the following items listed below will be accepted as proof of age.
      • Birth Certificate
      • School Records
      • Valid Maryland Driver’s License
      • Any official Government document that contains your date of birth
  9. When all documents are complete and submitted, a Human Resources representative will send the materials to a DLLR certified issuing officer. At this point in the application process, the minor can begin working.
  10. An official Maryland Minor Work Permit will be issued to the Office of Human Resources. A copy of the permit will be retained for the employee file. The official Minor Work Permit will be mailed to the student.
  11. The student is responsible for retaining the Minor Work Permit until they are 18 years of age.